There have been 0 cases of COVID-19 in my little corner of the USA, but everything is shutting down “to be prudent.”

I’m starting to feel like Roddy Piper in They Live trying to make people come to their senses over this whole mess.

Yeah. "Forfeit your right to assembly for the sake of an invisible enemy that only the government can see"

@black6_ I am playing along but every chance I get I am hitting people in the mouth. I blow their mind with what @adam and @Johncdvorak have given us. I start with “why no bodies?” Our media lives to show carnage why not now? I follow with “ our media covers a story where someone’s cat took a dump and it looks like Lincoln” but no interviews with survivors? I finish with the deaths per day list. I usually get mouth open with no sound reactions.

@black6_ they just want to join in on the "take people's rights away" game the other states are currently playing.

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