I detest when new outfits bring in “policy experts” to talk on topics. Like the cybersecurity policy expert in the NPR story on the Iowa caucus app from last month. Listening to her soundbyte you can tell she doesn’t know a Diffie-Hellman from an elliptic curve. A policy expert knows policy, not the nuts and bolts. They’re the equivalent of “awareness campaigns” in the charitable organization scene.

@black6_ Louis Rossman has been visiting state legislators to testify in favor of "right to repair" laws that are being worked on. He's recording and publishing as much of it as he can.

He's got a few moments of state legislators asking pointed questions against the asshat corporate lobbyists and sometimes the lobbyist doesn't have the slightest idea what he's talking about while the legislator is obviously clued in, and annoyed by his ignorance.

@black6_ Policy expert basically said it was a “glitch”.

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