Turns out the old, traditional cures work best!

Following the example set by Central African villagers' traditional methods of containing an , I've been putting food outside my neighbors' front doors.

If it goes untouched after 7 days, I burn their fuckin' house down.

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AirBnB is about to crash the US housing market. Thousands of super-hosts who bought 10, 20, 30 properties with mortgages and are heavily levered...are all about to default.
Without travel there is no rental income to pay these mortgages.

In 2-3 months - 2008 all over again
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I strive every day to be as decent a human as Hank Hill.

Lee Van Cleef and Kurt Russell on the set of Escape from New York

Some people get REALLY offended when they almost run you over in a parking lot and you tell them to put down their phone and drive.

What the fuck is wrong with Apple? I have iMessage turned off, and for some reason sending/receiving of text messages is fucked. I have to disconnect from WiFi to send an MMS, and then I get a flood of texts which have apparently been waiting in a queue somewhere. Why doesn't it prioritize receipt of SMS via the cellular network when I turn off their bullshit?

SWMBO and I watched the first episode of Tiger Man last night because all her friends online were raving about it.

Maybe it’s because we grew up in Arkansas and knew people like them, but we thought it was just... meh. Won’t be watching another episode.

Fake article but FYI: US military vehicles do not require keys. The most resistance you’ll run into in a HMMWV is a cable lock through the steering wheel, otherwise it’s just hop in, start up, and drive off. The LMTVs and other heavy vehicles will have battery disconnect switches.

@dcgirl unrelated: If the food menu is 4 or 5 TVs on the wall, and items disappear while you're reading them (to show other items or to show a Star Wars full-wall ad), walk out and never come back.


There are times I feel like everyone I know is psychologically medicated.

I don't think we know what mental health even looks like anymore - if we ever did. Everyone is on Xanax, Zoloft, Adderall, Benzos & self medicating with Marijuana, K2, Bath Salts, Cocaine, Meth, and Cat Memes.

Zoom, one of the most anticipated tech IPOs of the year, has one key profit driver: engineers in 🇨🇳

Zoom's large R&D presence in China, which is likely made easier by CEO Eric Yuan's Chinese background, is turning out to be a major cost saver for the video-conference software maker — and reflects an increasingly popular strategy among fast-growth tech companies.


There is a virus in the U.S system, and it is an election year.

Time to install McAfee.

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