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Sometimes it's disheartening how many issues a reboot can solve

Ever-hesitant to throw out technology, I find myself the owner of many mobile devices of varying pedigree and age (fairly recent Androids and iPhones back to an original Motorola StarTAC). All are still functioning, but a lack of creativity leaves my need to use them for something stymied.


My late night project this past week — tracking my truck’s fuel use:

I should be allowed, in self defense, to shoot every mother fucker dicking around with his phone while attempting to drive 2 tons of metal and fuel.

Turns out my ISP-provided gateway/router re-enabled its WiFi, presumably after an update because it had been disabled from Day 1, and assumed/STOLE the SSIDs I had set up on my own WiFi router, and the competing access points with the same SSIDs but different passphrases dicked up my home network. What. The. Fuck.

I had issues with my home network setup a while back. My devices stopped connecting to my private WiFi network, giving passphrase errors. I ended up changing the SSID and reconfiguring all the wireless devices in the house which used that particular network. However, the old SSID was still being broadcasted, and I still couldn’t connect to it.

My father-in-law passed unexpectedly, and being the most tech-savvy member of the family, I have been assigned all of his electronic devices and the task of unlocking/logging in all of them with the intention of salvaging as much data as possible.

Any dudes named Ben have standing in this area and can offer tips, tricks, and advice? I have a Win10 laptop, and an assortment of Android devices.

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Any producers remember the urn company from Ep. 1117?

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Dudes named Ben: what iOS SSH app do you recommend?

God I’m old... I remember when you put a game cartridge into the console, turned it on, and started playing immediately.

Dudes named Ben: what iOS SSH app do you recommend?

Random-fond-memory-that-sprang-into-my-head of the night:

1SG in Afghanistan dictating a text message for me to send over the FBCB2: “Tell [Gary] to go fuck a frozen FOB dog dick.”

Climate change: one of many distractions given to the proletariat as boogeymen to worry about so they ignore the crony, criminal political parties enriching themselves at the taxpayers expense and systematically stripping the people of their rights in order to perpetuate power and consolidate control.

But that’s nothing you fine folks didn’t already know...

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For a deep dive into the fuckery going on in Venezuela, I recommend Congressional Dish episodes 176, 190, and 191 in that order

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