@CSB Its a good thing then that nobody likes establishment groups. Still winning.

Alex Jones is inimitable, he must count as a national treasure of some type.

OK I’m gonna weight in here.

Kayne West is like, far from the worst person who could run in politics. He’s better than literally everyone in the Democrats.


1) He’s not a career politician, those people are power hungry lunatics.

2) He believes in generally reasonable Conservative values but doesn’t seem to go into the intolerant parts of it.

3) He’s a businessman who’s been reasonably successful. More than any of you, certainly.

4) He’s not a scumbag lawyer like most politicians, or far into the deep state corruption.

5) He weathers controversy just fine, he doesn’t care about people saying mean things to him which you’ll need to go against the hysterical leftists.

6) He doesn’t mind tearing a strip off someone, whicch you’ll need to go against the hysterical leftists.

Elon Musk is a fun character but his business are often built on government handouts and tax schemes. Sure — that’s “good” business if you can swing it, but I don’t know whether he was taking advantage of system that just happened to be there for the taking, or if he really believes in proper economics.

att.com is the absolute master of login redirects. holy crap!

Finished both episodes.
Ghislaine Maxwell will be dead of 'rona soon.

Ugh. The reality of our power elite is disgusting.

Heard of this before but only bits and pieces. Johnny Gosch was new. On to part 2 now.

Ho-lee shit. One of my old battle buddies shared this with me. His grandfather was a full-bird at the Pentagon involved with all this. I had not heard of Johnny Gosch until now.


Who needs probes when you have TRRS, BNC, and alligator clips laying around?

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Just got caught up on Sunday's No Agenda. Props to the producer who mentioned Melomel as a sneaky way to get mead on the knighting list twice.

@black6_ so i went last week and the guy before me was getting his teeth whitened which i also though was sorta waste of money if you can just wear a mask!

Can we sit and think for a minute about requiring masks at a dentist’s office?

@black6_ my school is now toxic to asthmatics due to the constant sprays of anti bacterials

Kanye's political party is going to be called "The Birthday Party".

brilliant. LOL. He and Elon came up with this while sharing a blunt.

The elevator in my building is not working today. To “counteract” COVID, a pesticide-style sprayer with sanitizer was placed next to the control panel. Morons have sprayed it with so much sanitizing solution that it—fucking surprise—has shorted out.

It’s not just overreacting to a fucking cold virus; it’s doing obviously ignorant things because you trust the idiots in charge who directed you to do so.

The big crime of the century is the disappearance of critical thinking from education.

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