In Starship Troopers the backstory (as Heinlein wrote it) was that the veterans, tired of politicians being politicians, removed them from power and established a new form of government and society.

Is it time for that here, yet?

Is it a coincidence that Harry’s and Gillette came out with similar ads, stirring similar controversy, around the same time?

As an aside, I didn’t see a single razor in either ad, so I’m a bit confused about what the companies are trying to sell.

GNOME: Hello, I'm pretending to be macOS. If you want to customise me, you'll have to use the configuration editor.

Xfce: I'm cute and lightweight. ^.^

KDE: I'm Windows on crack cocaine. I can be any way you like. Want me like this? No? How about this? There's a setting buried deep in my menus for everything.

I am not a hirsute man, so I’m happy that my furlough beard is now looking more like a beard, and less like I simply haven’t shaved my face in over three weeks.

My new thing is to honk when I’m next to other drivers and tell/motion for them to put down their fucking phone.

Some people get PISSED. 😃

That the SJWs and fellow travelers consistently go after right wingers but are silent about people that reverse into diagonal parking spots tells you that they aren't really trying to stop evil.

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Yes, clearly it's impossible to tax the rich. That's why they fight tooth and nail every time someone proposes it, because they don't want the government to waste its time. It's just part of that old noblesse oblige.

@Muppet1856 ps. Post your letter here. Always happy to read a producer’s input and most importantly: Thank you for your courage. Welcome aboard an exclusive club. That’s the best part of the show, the community you get to interact with, and occasionally meet in real life :-)

@chris @adam

My iPhone: every fucking screw is a different size — a supply chain nightmare, contributor to excessive cost, and dirty trick to make consumer repairs as difficult as possible.

The dehumidifier I’m currently disassembling for cleaning: one common screw size for the body, and one common screw size for the logic board. Very consumer friendly.

I went to college in the early 2000’s and then again in the mid-2010’s. Maybe it was the crowd I ran with the first time around (apolitical stoner science nerds at an SEC school) and that I was a married combat Infantry veteran the second time around, but I don’t recall the climate grief indoctrination.

How a millionaire slumlord got sweetheart government deals to maintain armed forces housing and then left them to rot

Thank you, furlough! Now there isn’t anything holding me back from drinking a beer with lunch during the week.

Home for the holidays and my mom sits on my glasses, breaking off one of the temple pieces. My wife saying it’s my fault for setting them down in a chair feels like blaming the rape victim for wearing scanty clothes. At any rate, I put them back together with a bent paper clip, but they don’t grip my head like they used to and I’m developing a headache from the involuntary wriggling of my ears to keep them in place.

Finally I've found a decent picture about the Climate thing.

In re: transgenderism... the clip that almost made JCD ill provoked the same reaction from me.

As my therapist would say, transgenderism IS a mental health issue. It’s a rejection of reality, and all that accompanies that disconnect.

A gov’t holiday and national day of mourning for a deceased POTUS seems awfully... royal. Unamerican at the least.

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