The lesson here for Biden voters is, hey dummy, there's gonna be Trump voters at the polls. If that is gonna trigger you, just stay home. You were supposed to use cheat by mail anyway, WTF?

Takes over for
Hear the screams outta
Ayanna Presley
My girl Rasheed
And Ilhan baby!

I accidentally swiped over to the bot-i-verse. Shudder.

I've figured out how Trump can seal this election up. He needs to announce that he is voting for Joe Biden.

"Donald Trump has won with 99 percent of the popular vote."

The Mandela effect. Also known as Gaslighting.

So I've done my part to save manual transmissions. Bought an 01 Jeep Wrangler manual last year, and bought a new Hyundai Venue with a manual this year. As soon as I did, they cancelled the manual for the next year.
I'm starting to think manuals aren't that popular anymore in Murica.

It's fun when you block someone popular, and you get to see others having a crazy one sided conversation.

Seems like all a mask prevents anymore is livelihood destruction.

So anyone wish to comment on the term preference for bisexuals? Aren't they exhibiting preference? Or are their biological markers changing when they go from man to woman?

Holy shit, check out that petard!

Hey, have you ever been talking to someone, and had this musical thought?

Oof. The widow of the creator of the marvel character Wolverine thinks the "Michigan Kidnappers" used the comic name. I assume this dummy doesn't know the state is called the Wolverine State.
Folks, feel free to think about stuff before posting.

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I submitted my knighthood payment with full accounting this morning to John and Adam. Now, I look forward to Thursday's show and being welcomed to the roundtable. This is exciting!

I will post my chosen knighthood name and details Wednesday evening PDT as previously mentioned.

You know what grinds my gears? The new cnc gear grinding machine my shop just acquired! 96 inches between centers!

I still love How Did This Get Made, and although always very woke, I didn't know she was June Diane "Red Thunder woman" Raphael. Native Calgarian much?

Guys, I've gone to the other side. I too believe Donald Trump WILL NOT leave office after the election. His stubbornness and willingness to thumb his nose at the law will obviously be on display. That, and he's going to win the election.

So yep, he's staying!

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Boner Guy: human male born with a penis. Has no plans to remove said penis. Never apologies for having a penis.

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