The devil has announced that his fiddle contest will no longer be held in Georgia.

This jackass story. A survey shows internet prices paid during Trump years increased at 4x inflation. Seems legit, until you realize in the last 4 years, people have been needing higher bandwidth for tvs and zoom, so end up paying more overall.

They compare to cell service, which only increased 1.3x inflation. We've been maxed out on cell stuff since Obama.

Nice Ajit Pai hit piece, tho.

Well, @adam , is it time to bring up the net neutrality discussion again, where they want to ban "unlawful content and unlawful traffic". Here ya go!

Biden admin banning menthols and flavored cigars?

Gonna be a lot of black people who “ain’t black” next election cycle.

Has anyone considered that the vaccine creation and availability happened so as to give ppl what they wanted, which was a miracle cure from their secular god called 'science'? And that the vaccine isn't very effective, and it's long term effects are either state top secrets or not known at all? But politicians had to look like they were doing something vs. a media made/Chinese propaganda monster?

I assume that Men that are ok with trans athletes in sports, are also ok with AI competitors beating humans at a myriad of things, like Chess or oddly, crosswords.

Relax, guy, he just has a computer for a brain. Don't be so phobic. You are still good at crosswords, just not the best anymore. Deal with it.

Popular topic on a podcast I frequent.

Who would you like to "bless" with an extra 200 pounds of fat?

Think of the lives that would be ruined, waking up 200 pounds heavier.

Meghan Markle for me. She'd just die.

Doh! Why can't I sleep in like normal people?

I love the Eric Andre story, about racial profiling for drugs on line at the airport.

I love you Eric, but you are a public personality that is famous for their love for drugs. I also wouldn't be surprised if you had an aroma around you.

They liked to harass Willy too.

My wife wants to take the devil lettuce with us to Miami. So I told her ...

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