Thousands of cows die all of the sudden in Kansas. Small area compared to total high heat region. Texas/Florida have higher heat and few cows are dying. When they do it’s 1 or 2 cows, not all at once, and farms have ways to cool the cows when this is realized. It’s a slow process, not an instant one.

Pfizer stopped testing their covid vaccine on animals because they kept dying.

Canadian news sources are reporting that the Buffalo Grocery Gunman was not only radicalized online, but a bad actor on discord groomed and then pressured him into creating a to do list, a manifesto, and pledge videos. This is inline with the actions the FBI took in their plot to assassinate Gov. Whitmer. Due to the FBI's planning, pressuring, and plotting, their case's judge dismissed the case.

The pixel wars have begun!
Would be cool if we could get a small NA or ITM on there.

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