@adam and @Johncdvorak shake the rain stick, and in less than 2 hours, it went from 70 and Sunny to rain.

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@billybon3s @adam @Johncdvorak

Yeah, we got hit, and I was outside. I should have listened live and run for cover.

@billybon3s @adam @Johncdvorak

And now the power is out at the house. Gonna need to add power generation to our prep if I want to keep the servers running longer than the batteries.

@billybon3s @adam @Johncdvorak
Rocked with a couple thunder boomers this afternoon, another one just started about 3 miles away. Good stuff.

@billybon3s @adam @Johncdvorak

Oh my goodness, I haven’t listened to today’s show yet; but we had a major hailstorm and heavy rain during the show hours today in Northern Va! Fortunate no damage to my car windows!

South Louisiana here, we got the backlash of the rain stick--currently raining here. JCD & Adam need to be more careful, hurricane season started yesterday.
@adam @Johncdvorak

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