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As more school districts only offer the ludicrous option of "virtual learning" it's apparent, especially after watching and reading various local school board meetings and their release plans, that the Safety First response is our next pandemic.

Inspired by Mike Rowe's examination of safety-compliance thinking.

It's not FDA approved...but it is Krispy Kreme doughnut approved!

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The most work he's done in 48 years in the federal government.

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Prediction: today's events at the capitol will be the stated reason for banning guns nationwide. cc @SirSpencer @Laurien @BlueDouche @jeremiah

The new local school board was voted in. Their top priorities are equity and accountability. Probably NOT holding themselves accountable for the unequitable action of closing the schools and letting kids fall behind who actually need the classroom experience.

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The government cares about your respiratory health so much that they require masks, shut down schools and ban Thanksgiving.

But cigarettes are still 100% legal

Time to BBBB
- Build Back Better Bitches...Or else.

Need a shirt with this.

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Biden addressing his supporters and all of a sudden social distancing doesn’t matter.

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Is it just me or do all these crowds of people "erupting" across the nation to celebrate a Biden victory look odd staged? And what happened to superspreaders?

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I predict no more Covid stats from media outlets and no more Covid fear porn posts on social media from progressive pundits.

Pretty sure I heard fireworks going off last night once the M5M, AP called MI for Bo Jiden.

I hope they were fireworks. These suburbs might be getting rough.

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Does anyone else have mild panic dreams lately about being at a store without your mask?

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I’m fairly apolitical, but a Biden win just seems like awarding a petulant party that just spent the last 4 years having a collective temper tantrum. It just feels wrong. That kid should not get a lollipop.

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Pro tip- when lighting the fireplace in your new house, remember to check that the flue is fully open.

Debra was very disappointed the amount of climate subject matter was so small.

Authors blog:

Cli-fi? Yup thats a real thing.
Stumbled the blog of Debra Denker after reviewing the overt story writing in the show Madam Secretary.

"A few weeks ago, the UN warned that climate crisis disasters are happening at a rate of one a week, and a few days ago the news came out that the scientific consensus on the reality of climate change is now 99%. My patience—always the most difficult for me of the Buddhist Six Perfections/Christian virtues—has worn as thin as a decades-old cotton t-shirt."

Welcome back to school shitizen. Sit at your new, safer prison desk. Enjoy how much fucking space it takes up. Now learn!

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Sorry Michigan Local 1, this is no longer available to you. Just renewed my plate and did a custom one 😀 @adam @Johncdvorak

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