@adam Your node has been down for a while, as well as the connection. are curious about the status of that. 73

Element Matrix Services launches bridging for Microsoft Teams

After offering bridges to Discord, Slack and Telegram, Element Matrix Services (EMS) is now launching Microsoft Teams Bridging.

Element Matrix Services Launches Bridging for Microsoft Teams - element.io/blog/ems-launches-b

Google is testing FLoC on Chrome users worldwide. Find out if you're one of them.amifloced.org/

Any still using the for any nets? What about ? Is the group active? There aren't enough threads in here.

It's Synapse release day, and v1.29.0 has arrived! Mostly behind-the-scenes improvements in this one, but a few nice new configuration options for admins of federated homeservers. Read all about it on the Matrix Blog: matrix.org/blog/2021/03/08/syn

LastPass just limited users to one "device type" for free accounts. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Using @[email protected] still? Let's fix that!

Switch to @[email protected], an #opensource password manager for all your devices, plus Bitwarden supports DLN! 🐧

Get started at bitwarden.com/dln πŸ‘

Private messengers: what can they really see?

This post is written by Status, but it is not inaccurate nor that biased according to my knowledge/opinion. It seemed interesting to me, so I decided to share it. πŸ˜ƒ


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Been listening to a lot of broadcasts recently. It is a sad world when I get less propaganda from North Korean broadcasts than from China or the BBC.

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