As the post show period approaches and we endure the long dark of Monday-Thursday, let us gather on the jitsi!

@jitsi bat signal

@bigl0af just heard your noagenda shout out on Hoteps BEEN Told ya!

Downloading JPEGs from one social network and posting it on another and other people do that with your post and the quality deteriorates every time is the new copying of copies of VHS tapes

What do the dancers at prefer?

@Therealdcgirl @bigl0af

@noagendashowvideo @Therealdcgirl @bigl0af Ever since the incident with Dvorak, I hear tell Raven has a preference for fire extinguishers.

I wonder if @bigl0af @[email protected] got drunk and decided to pee on a tree with this result:

Flooding From Fred in North Carolina Will Take Weeks to Clean Up
From The Weather Channel iPhone App

Palantir is investing $50M in gold and taking client payments in Gold @bigl0af in case of a 'Black Swan' event.


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