71: Seven Shots - Lost Tapez

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COVID-19 is not a viral disease. It's a psychosomatic mental disorder.

People get handed a positive test and are told they have it, and their brain manufactures symptoms.

And when a common cold or flu variant does come along, it is quickly relabeled as COVID, providing sufficient confirmation bias to keep the cycle going.

@GettingCooked @kinpopdj


Anyway[zzz] the other day, there was a homeless dude (yes I checked and confirmed his gender) standing on the street as I got into my shitbox Ford station wagon. We saw each other and half nodded / half bowed reverently to each other as we tacitly acknowledged our adjacency

I’m getting more and more “this has to come off” however it serves two purposes.

Firstly it’s a visual substitute for a a mask

It’s also allows me to play Santa for @bigl0af’s kids on Jitsi

@bigl0af when you go hard at local Democrats who are bitching like children about putting in AC in the animal shelter and how the mayor is evuuulll lol

As the post show period approaches and we endure the long dark of Monday-Thursday, let us gather on the jitsi!


@jitsi bat signal

@bigl0af just heard your noagenda shout out on Hoteps BEEN Told ya!

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