USA: "London? USA calling."
Our TSA officers in Boston saved your citizens from the potential horrors that could have been inflicted by one of your residents."

London: "Really? Thanks."
"Yes. We have confiscated 4 assault butter knives. The City is safer now."

@biggergreen what in the actual fuck? She obviously was using them as a makeshift splint for her knee... And butter knives are allowed!!

@JonOfJupiter @biggergreen A mean old TSA lady made a big show of pulling me aside when I asked to go through the magnetometer instead of the slave scanner. I stood there for a few minutes until I asked,
"Ma'am, you've been yelling a lot for a male officer but I noticed that you never got on your radio to call for one and no one confirmed your request... So, you're just trying to break my balls here, right?"

I got pushed through without even getting checked.

Fuck Logan TSA.

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