Winston Churchill

"even the best of men struggling in the most just of causes cannot
guarantee victory; they can only deserve it"

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"As well, these facts
provide necessary—and wise—cautions against
unrealistic hopes and checks against pressing partisan
claims or utopian agendas too hard or too far"

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Invoking 1776. A not very subtle at all first sentence. Take back the education system.

It's Galtian.

Does it have teeth?

Beer and now the Charvel - okoume. This thing is ridiculous for the money <$1000. MiM, all cleaned up.

Close-up of the flame maple top - not a veneer, good shifting in the light, love this type of burst finish.

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USNS City of Bismarck (T-EPF-9) Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport coming into San Diego - January 18, 2021

I dunno - might happen all the time?

Cleaning up and restringing my Japanese Tele. Very relaxing, takes my mind off the whateverthefuckisgoingon :)

Have to get some beer then Charvel next.

Anyone else hear hims say "...a peaceful transition to military power?

So here's your usual headline/article BS.

"Trump plans unprecedented-military farewell event with red carpet 21 gun salute"

"according to a person familiar with the planning who spoke on condition of anonymity"

Then some blather about how he doesn't want to ask Biden to ride on it after he's sworn in - CNN reports

Bunch of other petty shit that Trump is supposedly doing and saying.

Near the bottom of the article

"All that is bullshit, they're not planning anything"

Just ?s about functionality.

Could Biden concede a won election?

What if he just says "I don't feel so good, I'm withdrawing."

If he's not sworn into anything, he has nothing to resign. If he were to withdraw, does the whole ticket withdraw?

Does Kamala even have a role?

She WAS elected by electors to be VP after all...she can't ascend in his absence?

Is a Continuity of Government Condition set for every inauguration?

From somewhere on the fedi:

"Wait. So white supremacists stormed the Capitol to overthrow the white supremacist government but were stopped by the white supremacist police force and are now being tracked down by the white supremacist FBI?"

What does it mean when your Politicians don't trust the military and have them tested for their Loyalty? Mao did this and I'm very very sure Xi Jinping is currently doing it now, but to everyone in the Government.

Notwithstanding that we've pretty much gotten that from the m5m for the last 5 years, but you know what I mean - that also finds the DC lock-downs and the jan 6th incursion odd and maybe has some cabal-type thing going on under it. I don't know what entity backs Trump that would be like a 'take down the deepstate and hollywood' type for this dimensh-B narrative :)

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Wondering if anyone has come across a dimensh-B kind of Qanon stuff?

For instance, a narrative that still ties all the pieces together but takes down Trump:

"The Jan 6th protest/mob/siege was known about by democrats ahead of time. They used the lock-down to show various members of congress the Trump Pee-Tape (TM) - thus they went back on their objections to the electoral counts. They are going to release the pee-tape, and arrest Trump, that's why DC is locked-down."

Like that, but better.

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