Cheezuz - "Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's political Living Will."

Interpret however you like :)

Scott Adams gloats re:Kamala prediction. He predicted she would be the Democrat nominee. Adams still thinks he's going to be right.

So begs the question. Who will be Kamala's ultimate running mate? He predicts another woman.

" Russia on Tuesday became the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine for use in tens of thousands of its citizens despite international skepticism about injections that have not completed clinical trials and were studied in only dozens of people for less than two months."

fentanyl sasquatches aren't working - send in the gigantic, random explosions!!!

@adam Secret Service dude tell's President "we have to go outside" mid-statement. Something like that.

It also emerged on Wednesday afternoon that 85 per cent of grain stocks in Lebanon, which relies heavily on food imports, were destroyed. This would suggest the country only has enough grain to last for another month.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 stats for Tue Aug 04 2020

New jersey 🏴
Cases: 188,466 ꜜ -18% Δ
Deaths: 15,921 ꜛ 67% Δ

SpaceX Dragon Endeavor twisting under 4 giant chutes seems so steam-punk now.

These things should be doing a controlled, retro-thruster landing onto the roof of Elon's penthouse and The Mackenzie brothers step out to have champagne and a blunt with a waiting Elon Musk.

This is just a variant justification to "punch a Nazi" - the irony meter is spinning into a singularity at this point. People have been getting primed for this confrontation for 4 years.

"Manhattan Beach requires everyone to wear masks at restaurants when they're not eating, so these guys violated the rules, and also basic decency for others. "

Weren't they eating burritos? It's not enough to NOT be violating an ordinance at the moment, you have to virtue signal too?

Blast from the Past: 1998 - a Secret Service agent was 'meditating on his toes' in Al Gore's bathroom. He hears scraping and sees an 'Israeli spy' taking off clips from the inside of an air-vent ala Mission:Impossible. The Secret Service agent coughs and the spy retreats. What, he had an Israeli-Spy pin on? SS recognized the guy from a spy meeting? They didn't lock the building down? Just - oh look! Happens from time to time - "we get a spy in the vents again, Bobby." Covered on NA years ago.

What is it with these high-ranking medical guys and their white, Abe Lincoln beard?

Redfield v. Koop

On all the new shows, these field correspondents are always in a one-shot, wearing a mask.

They are outside, they must be at least 10 feet from anyone else - they're out in the open, near a pier or in front of the white house. The mask in these cases is really just a virtue-signal, but to whom? - is it so they don't deal with cries of 'hypocrite', or some solidarity thing? dark psyop stuff? actual fear? - can't they give a 5 minute report maskless?

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