Damn the BTC low today was one penny from being perfect

I’m gonna need a copy of that Democrats Went Down to Georgia song. It’s excellent. Who made that one?

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Riots Cancelled – Grievance Network Back Together Again – Former President Obama and Floyd Family Attorney, Ben Crump, Now Execute Phase Two

“take a breath”
“take a knee”
"must be arrested"

"the playbook is transparent. Team Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Team AME Church have again aligned, exactly as we expected."

"Everything within the strategy is coordinated and planned carefully. The script is how the political value is maximized."


Looks like Pelosi wrote this kiddie pool warning.

Supervise, Supervise, Supervise

My wife while I’m trying to listen to the livestream: “what is that music you’re listening too??”

Has anyone tied this pandemic to Agenda 2030 yet? Seems very possible that it could be connected somehow

After the bickering over how to clip Matt Gaetz ISO on Episode 1200, I can’t believe you missed doing it this way @adam

Tried to hit a friend in the mouth but he uses iHeartRadio for podcasts and NA isn’t on there. Anyone know if there’s a way to listen to it on iHeart?

Uhhhh..is Dvorak going to cash in on all those bets early?

Millennial melts down at work, cries, calls mom because boss said there is no p in hamster


Who’s hitting the meetup in Murfreesboro tonight? Debating if I should drive down from Mt Juliet

No Agenda Social

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