If you're making ads, or any marketing at all, remember the 40 40 20 rule. Your campaign efficacy is 40% your audience slection, 40% the offer, and only 20% the creative.

As much as we want to believe its our brilliant creative genius thats at work, strategy is the meat and potatoes of marketing.

Is being a lefty a requirement for Ad and Marketing Comms people? Are there any shops that aren't pushing brand woketivism?

NA Album art submission - long overdue, and way more thrilling than expected.

I'm trying to hit someone in the mouth: what was the name of the foundation that tries to insert put progressive themes in movies and TV shows?

Posted this to Twatter as a response to a thread - no other text, no hashtags. Caught a 12-hour ban within 30 seconds. Is big tech trying to influence perceptions of elections? Say it aint so!

Czechs are training dogs to sniff out Covid, reaching close to 100% accuracy, surpassing PCR "test".

Source (in Czech and behind paywall - Czech is weird): domaci.ihned.cz/c1-66834420-ps

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