Ransom paid to the ransomware that stopped the pipeline? This won't be good for us "dudes named Ben". Make sure your company has encrypted backups 😮‍💨

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Biden didn’t sign checks but he sure signed the letter

President Biden, the humble and wonderful man that he is, famously said he didn't need his signature on the stimulus checks because he wanted to get the payments out as quickly as possible. As if he would have to personally sign the checks. Although, maybe that would've been a good idea to slow thin


Please take the mask off cartoon characters! Even when they are outside!

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Breathly app in the app store is a great app if you need some help with breathing exercises aka @klonopinkid

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Fuck diversity, I want unity. One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Anyone have that dog bark that is in dog karma from ? Sounds like an Indian cry?

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