What was the name of the recent interview on Brent Weinstine's podcast that was removed from the YouBoob?

ah yes, Torvalds ... never stop being an asshole and an insane dumbass. You're not a doctor and more that your rival Bill is:


piece of shit.

Well, I think I'm done with Linus Tech Tips. The constant masks on the show always upset me and in their recent projector review, they told people to get vaccinated.

Don't take your medical advice from tech reviewers. Also, Linus shouldn't be giving medical advice.

Also his thing with Gamers Nexus and the 3080 Ti review is also off-putting. I think I'm done. GN and JayZTwoCents cover everything I care about

In case anyone missed it, mass vaccination in America is the beginning of socialized medicine. Every tax payer is footing the bill for an experimental drug whether we want to or not.

America will soon bomb...

huh .. nasocial doesn't block the pedophile instance .. interesting.

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