anyone interested in a No Agenda meetup in Savannah, Georgia?

Finally finished up my tutorial on fully isolating Docker networks, for both IPv4 and IPv6, on a single host. I've been running this configuration for several months:

I wonder what Andrew Breitbart would be saying right now if he was still alive.

I know I'ved said this a lot today, but just to remind everyone, there was a massive regulatory disaster between the FAA and Boeing in 2019 which lead to two 737 Max 8 crashing, resulting in 100% causalities for all passengers and flight crew.

Remember 2019? Boeing? 737-MAX 8. Two airplanes of dead people? Good. So anyway, the FDA just approved a vaccine on Monday.

Read more:

So just to be clear, the FDA short-circuited their entire review process.

This is literally the 737-MAX 8 of the FDA.

I trapped a scorpion in the sink with the drain plug. I then filled the sink and looked up how long scorpions could survive under water.


I burned the house down instead of waiting.

So Stew Peters reported that 24,000 kids in Australia were ushered into stadiums, without their parents, in a mass vaticination:

I can't find this story anywhere else except national file. Nothing on Might be BS. Does anyone have any more information on this?

@Genen I would, but I'm religiously and morally opposed to MMORPGs

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