Dedicated server has slowed to a crawl. I'm tried restarting processes and updating services, but I think it's just time to reboot. I'm waiting for all the kernel updates to finish to reboot it. It made it through 293 days of uptime. That 36.0 load average is killing everything though.

Maybe I need a second dedicated server.

Who is the unhinged woman who was going on earlier this week about how the end of Roe v Wade and children with birth defects and down syndrome and having to take care of them? I swear I heard the clip on 3 different podcasts, but I can't seem to search for it now. Was it a stupid bitch from The View?

Man, I totally forgot to take photos. The No Agenda meetup in Chattanooga, Tennessee today was awesome! Met some great people, and had some amazing conversations. In The Morning to all your magnificent people!

Russia is offering passports/citizenship to Ukrainians. A Ukrainian commander is defecting to Russia as well:

90% of Russian disinformation is made in America.

God damn it Tim Pool, can you go more than 10 hours without mentioning civil war?

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