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Printed and painted some miniatures for my daughter’s school project on the book “Because of Winn Dixie”.

Aren’t exactly world beaters, but hey they are painted well enough to be recognizable.

Also there is a real lack of civilian “normal people” models available. I have to modify the ears of the girl, she started as an elf, the preacher is a secret agent and the guitar man was meant to be a much larger sculpture that I shrunk down, the dog was the only thing that didn’t need some work.

Lunar Eclipse at Mt Rushmore. More people were looking at the moon tonight than at the faces.

@bates None of the Above should be default for all registered voters that all candidates have to beat

@bates how much money is it costing to fly out all these douchebags and their entourage with security all to pay homage to this man?

Warzone. This was like my meeting on the first tee this morning.

If you can't pitch with cold symptoms, find a new profession.

I mean c'mon ... They spend like a corporation so the same rules must apply. Oh, wait.

Teams Ai suggested replies to coworker. Oh, how I wish I could add Jingles to my work computer.

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