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Lilly &

Chapter 1
LockDow, LockDown open up!

Two royal sisters secretly quarrel,
in secret.
Mary against Lizabeth.
Tyrannical Queen Mary’s spies
are at war with
the spies of playful Princess Lizabeth.

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Here is the cover page of the children's book I am writing together with my daughter Lillian (5 πŸ¦„) and self publishing here on NAS:

Lilly & Ruby Reckless & The TimeShip

(To be continued

Page 000)

Someone needs to make a "no agenda podcast 'business card'" to hit people in the mouth with. For example, I'm sitting at a bar listening to people bitch about current events, I just wanna drop a card and be like, "check it, you're close but you're missing some parts. This will help fill you in." boom, hit in the mouth.

A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America: Faith, Family, and Friendships

By Michael T. Flynn | November 26, 2020

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