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Lilly &

Chapter 1
LockDow, LockDown open up!

Two royal sisters secretly quarrel,
in secret.
Mary against Lizabeth.
Tyrannical Queen Mary’s spies
are at war with
the spies of playful Princess Lizabeth.

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Here is the cover page of the children's book I am writing together with my daughter Lillian (5 🦄) and self publishing here on NAS:

Lilly & Ruby Reckless & The TimeShip

(To be continued

Page 000)

Anyone know of any web UI/UX developers/designers looking for a job within the next three to six months? I can't hire right now, but I'll likely have a spot open in that window.


@Tante_Neel @adam Thank You. Coffee Cup Gestapo! Motivated by a great show by Adam & John today. Man I would be bummed out if authorities were coming after my coffee 😤 That's where I draw the line!!! 🤣

"He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence" -

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Virtually on a daily basis accounts that are remotely heterodox, irreverent or based in any kind of anti-establishment ethos are zapped from existence by unseen social media overlords with no explanation or transparency.

In 2025, Twitter will be Chris Hayes, Amy Klobuchar & AOC.

That satisfying live show all the way through feeling 😊

Sorry about being late, I watched a movie with my human resource, Lillian (6 🏴‍☠️👸).

Tim Curry as Long John Silver in muppet treasure island

Fido is a common name for a dog because of Abraham Lincoln's dog Fido. Fido was "assassinated" by a drunk with a knife a few months after Lincoln's assassination.

Original tweet :

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