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Lilly &

Chapter 1
LockDow, LockDown open up!

Two royal sisters secretly quarrel,
in secret.
Mary against Lizabeth.
Tyrannical Queen Mary’s spies
are at war with
the spies of playful Princess Lizabeth.

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Here is the cover page of the children's book I am writing together with my daughter Lillian (5 🦄) and self publishing here on NAS:

Lilly & Ruby Reckless & The TimeShip

(To be continued

Page 000)

JUST IN: Twitter says it’s releasing a feature that automatically detects "mean" replies on its service and prompts people to review the replies before sending them - NBC


Dame @jennifer
A Lady of taste and talent!

I agree with JCD

Dame @jennifer

That’s a very nordic thing you said there. At least to me.


We are here!

That’s us!

Our memes are MEANER, leaner!

No narcs!

The JCD dream haunting mix is amazing. Donate! 👻

...that could change as the millet and turnips get dearer and dearer in the markets.”

said Marius, forgetting that he could not smile in sweet irony anymore, and so producing a terrifying grimace,

The First Man in Rome
By Colleen McCullough

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«Caepio Junior spat in the direction of the crowd.
“Goodbye to the rabble for today!” he said, face contorted. “Look at them! Thieves, murderers, rapists of their own daughters!”
“They’re not rabble, Quintus Servilius,” said Marius sternly. “They’re Roman and they’re poor, but not thieves or murderers. And they’re fed up with millet and turnips already. You’d better hope that friend Lucius Equitius doesn’t stir them up. They’ve been very well behaved throughout these wretched elections, but...

About Antifa look-a-likes back in year 103 before Christ

«The shitters and pissers, I call them. Just rabble. Denizens of crossroads colleges, ex-gladiators, thieves and malcontents, gullible shopkeepers bleeding from the lack of money, freedmen bored with groveling to their ex-masters,.»

Lucius Cornelius Sulla in

TheF irst Man in Rome
By Colleen McCullough

“The Republic is dead,” said Ahenobarbus Pontifex Maximus, with a look of loathing for Metellus Caprarius.
“Well, what else could I do?” bleated Metellus Billy Goat.

The First Man in Rome
By Colleen McCullough

The curtains move so beautifully,
lace curtains of some
sweet old intrigue:
the Devil tempting me
to turn away from alarming you.
So I must say it quickly:
Whoever is in your life,
those who harm you,
those who help you;
those whom you know
And those whom you do not know,
let them off the hook,
help them off the hook.
Recognize the hook.
You are listening to Radio Resistance.

Book of Longing
By Leonard Cohen

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The atrocities over there,
the interior paralysis over here-
Pleased with the better deal?
You are clamped down.
You are being bred for pain.
The Devil ties my tongue.
I am speaking to you,
friend of my scribbled life.
You have been conquered by those
who know how to conquer invisibly.

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