@amerika When I encountered the Hindu concept that we are all Brahman, it didn't seem all that far-fetched, to me.

@amerika This resonates with thoughts I've had about the nature of existence since I was a child. It seemed to me that, if your internal life was shaped by your experience, then a part of external reality was within you. This made it easier for me to accept concepts such as hereditary IQ, because I understood that reality and our thoughts formed a feedback loop, and informed each other. Reality shaped the intelligence of people over time, as their intelligence was an adaptation to reality.

@amerika Prozakistan rules. Fond memories of exploring this at 17.

@amerika Dude, same. I keep nodding off, but I'd rather stay up, listen to death metal, and read anti-modern literature. I can sleep when I'm dead.

Still don't understand why people are defending the Rings of Power series.

@amerika That's exactly how I feel. I scroll through the channels uploading new material on YouTube, and I despair.

@amerika Tell me about it! Everything new coming out is boring, and/or stupid. The "new wave of oldschool death metal" is a marketing scheme. Possibly worse than the last oldschool death metal trend wave.

@Orwell @amerika Riddle me this: if we got rid of all diversity, where would the Jews be?

Brett is right for attacking diversity.

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@cambridgeport90 Another great Viking-themed album is Enslaved's Vikingligr Veldi.

@cambridgeport90 Bathory's viking-era albums Hammerheart, and Twilight of the Gods are favorites over here. Vikings are another cool symbol of embracing conflict, even if the historical reality is more complicated than that.

People who call death/black metal focused on dark topics "degenerate" are missing the point. It's intensely realistic music in that it is embracing the dark aspects of reality, and thus praising the value of conflict, struggle, and adaptation.

@amerika Noticed the link to your last.fm profile that you shared a while ago. There's some interesting stuff there. I saw you listened to Sentenced's debut album quite a bit. Is that one worth checking into? I always bypassed it in favor of North from Here.

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You all have sick endless opportunity - right now. There have never in history been more companies fucking up their customer relationships. It’s all prime opportunity, and it is a gift if you view it correctly.

You win by starting a company and not doing retarded shit with it. It’s the whole secret. Find something you can actually do. Do that. Don’t be retarded. Watch what happens.

You are needed. You can succeed. Don’t be retarded. Don’t suck.

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@amerika The 2015 version is a re-recording with four new tracks added.

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