@amerika Some of these I came across in my listening to recent material (specifically, Hammerdrone, Cortege, Atomic Aggressor, and Helcaraxe). I'm amazed at how much material I could review by saying "Almost good, but mostly just a collection of cool ideas that somebody else already did with no unifying principle".


"No unifying principle" should be part of the standard review:

"Doe some cool stuff with this sort of thing but has no unifying principle, so it's OK if you like this sort of thing I guess."


@amerika Exactly! Do you like boring, droning, death-doom? Listen to this hot new act. Dissonant black metal more your thing? We have something for that, too. At some point, you realize that metal has become a flavor.

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Or even multiple subflavors.

"Do you like boring droning doom-death but with bluesy solos? How about dissonant black metal that mixes in indie rock and gospel music? Get everything at your 31 flavors of metal!"

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