@amerika Saw this was released today. Similar in style to their last release, although the melodies may not be as elongated.

@amerika I'm pretty well-read in Nietzsche, and Plato, even a bit of Evola, but I have yet to tackle any Kant. Is there any works of his that you'd particularly recommend?

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I am incapable of doing things I don't want to do. I live modestly, so that I'm never forced to do a job to pay a mortgage, and I don't own anything. I simply do not do what's not essential. This is because I have realized the secret of life: all the external decorations are less important than giving yourself the gift of time.

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I wonder if Russia is not blocking us?

My next suspicion of course is that CloudFlare is simply screwing up...

Facebook today: RESIST

Fediverse today: Either "Thank God!", or "HAHA"

@amerika Death metal side-project of a former member and the current vocalist of Blood.

It's time to see tons of thots trot out threats of not sleeping with men, revealing that sex is the only bargaining chip they have.

@amerika Advance track from the upcoming Void Rot album. A little speedier than their last release.


Heard this before? Reminds me of early Vader, and doesn't fall as much into the trap of keeping a constant intensity that most of those bands do.

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(To reign in Hell)

Gods of steel unleash their destruction on man
Reign of death what is the final command
Sceptres of hate are dropped upon this Earth
Clouds of terror destroy all hope of rebirth

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June 6, 2022: celebrate the National Day of Slayer by blasting Slayer, not going to work, and causing problems.

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