I know that apple is the devil and all that, but being that I’m locked into the Universal Audio ecosystem, that I’m stuck on Mac. May need to grab that new iMac with the 10dB fan noise! There’s nothing worse than an annoying computer fan in the background of your recording when you’ve spent $10,000 to try and get the best sound you can.

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random cartoon (inspired by @bandrew and his video about PreSonus Revelator mic):

I took last week off, but I'm back this week and I talk about Behringer's acquisition of Aston, the Dr. Seuss fiasco, but I also briefly talk about using condenser mics for podcasting.

Check the full episode here: geeksrising.com/allshows/bsp25

Can you spot the issue here?

I wish people would spend 5 minutes reading the manual for the gear they buy.

Seeing people angry about 6 Dr. Seuss books being cancelled, and then seeing all his other books shoot to the top of the charts is baffling to me. Every single person who bought the books to "stick it to the man" just gave money to the people who decided to no longer print the books.

The amount of idiots and bots on twitter is insane. NAS is much more enjoyable.

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I want to add one note to the post I just put out. Although I think that Neumann’s can be used for podcasts and sound great, are they necessary or worth it? No. People won’t notice a benefit of higher end mics especially once the podcast is compressed down to 128kbps mp3. But are the fun? You better believe it.

@adam @Johncdvorak Also, Neumann makes a great sounding handheld condenser that does great at BG noise rejection as it was made for stage use. It does suffer from plosives though.

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Wait a second, so @adam doesn’t think that Neumann’s are proper for podcasting? Whatever you do, don’t look at the mic that I use (Neumann U67 Reissue). I’m on team @Johncdvorak on this topic. Neumann’s for podcasts just in well treated rooms.

John & Adam. I want to remind you, that I’m here for you. Anyways ...Stay safe. Stay warm.

Being knighted and having my podcast follow the No Agenda show in the same day. What an incredible Sunday! I should not have been surprised to discover that John knew about the U47 being from Neumann/Telefunken depending on the distribution.

Rupert Neve passed away. This guy did so much for Audio, and has made a mark that will forever be on so many of the recordings we all love.


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I'm still a douche bag. I need to fix this.

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