I tried to resist as long as possible but yesterday I had to get the jab. With 6 kids and the threat of losing my job, I just couldn't hold out any longer for the courts to fix the mandates . Its utterly depressing that people are being forced to choose between shoving a mostly untested therapeutic into their bodies or not feeding their kids and economic ruin. My great hope is the people who perpetrated this crime on humanity face justice, but I have little to no hope that they ever will.

@baconisking sorry to hear that, I’m possibly in a similar situation soon. One thing you might want to take a look at is the FLCCC protocol for long covid which is also used to manage possible post vax side effects. I wish you all the best and thank you for standing as long as you could. Fights not over though stay healthy!

@baconisking What's your game plan for after a possible vaccine injury?

@john oddly enough, I had a severe vaccine reaction years ago that put me in a coma (JVAX) but none of the 4 doctors I went to would sign off on a waiver. I've had Covid, and recovered quickly from it in September (Delta) there are really no viable recourses for those who get vaccine injured from this crop. I took J&J because I didnt want to go down the 5 booster route, but also it wasn't MRNA.

@baconisking So you're not expecting boosters to be required for your job in the near future? If they are, will you take them?

@john a this point its a waiting game, I see nothing that thus far that will support not being able to take a booster, but at this point i've made the minimal effort to stay within whats required. I thought I could wait it out but that didnt work

@baconisking Well, I hope you don't have any side effects but I'd be looking for another job. Boosters will be required.

@baconisking Oh geez 😮 I hope this one goes well for you.
I am sorry you were forced into taking it.


@baconisking @john a friend of mi e ended up with a tetanus vax induced autoimmune disease over 20 yrs ago. It's affected every aspect of her life. Her wardrobe (it shows on her skin all over her body but especially her lower body and torso), her diet, her romantic relationships, family trips. It's been life unending. The medical costs are ridiculous and barely give any relief. All this from a "normal" vax she didn't need.

@baconisking @john
If the worst had happened and the J&J had ended your life, what would your family do?

@baconisking I'm sorry, that sucks. But I understand. 😞

And you didnt die? Or get any serious negative side effect? Myocarditis? Didnt you tell them youll sweep dark thoughts away with ivermectin?

Eventually all antivaxxers will face either your scenario or emmigration or something like that.

@PawelK I dont like the term "anti-vaxx" without a qualifier. I've taken a lot of vaccines over the years, I just wasnt forced to choose having a job vs not having a job with them. I'd say im anti-mandate more than anti-vax

Ok sorry about wording. I get Your point.

Hmm. Im not based in us to give You some context and some vaccinations are compulsory for kids here.

As I understand with other diseases, no-mandate could lead to much more serious problems than with covid so from one point of view, yes I agree in a sense mandate on covid vaccines and no mandate on others looks strange to me.

From another perspective though I find noncovid vaxx hesitant ones to be major nuissance.

@baconisking @PawelK
You suffered a terrible vaccine injury, yet you're afraid to be called "anti-vaxx"...

Shaking my god damn head...

There is no such a thing as a good vaccine.


So sorry you were coerced into this position, God have mercy on your children.

@baconisking I’m sorry there wasn’t someone who could provide you with a matching date and batch number.

@baconisking TYFYC you did what you have to do and all of us appreciate that you held out for as long as you did. And thank you for raising 6 kids with the ability to think for themselves but also to understand responsibility.

I'm quite sure that you will be just fine.

@baconisking TYFYC I’m currently waiting for some corporate HR panel to decide my fate as to whether I am to be granted a religious exemption or not.. TBD. 💫


Take what you are feeling and turn it against those who put you in this position.

Your new hobby is now to support any candidate who is against this nonsense.

@baconisking sorry to hear about the coersion. You gotta do what you've gotta do
Did you ask for our receive needle aspiration?

@baconisking // TYFYC. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid/dodge/hold out until the courts sort it out, but we'll see. Single dad, sole source of income, end of the day, have to feed the family. I get it, and I'd go the same route you did with J&J. Good luck, brother.

@baconisking You did have choices. You just refused to take the hard path. You chose what you thought was the safest path.

I am sorry to tell you this, but you're a coward and you are risking your kids life more than ever.


@mystik this has nothing to do with "anti-vax' and everything to do with feeding my family. if you can't see that, well then thats that.

@baconisking I understand, but sometimes the situation isn't as bad as one imagines.
I am 100% sure that you are capable of finding alternatives.
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