Curious which telegram groups @adam was referring to on a recent episode of or
Anyone know or can recommend some? Appreciate it!

Just got the boy vaxxxed today.
Is this weird? Citing the wayback machine on CDC vaccine documents? @adam @Johncdvorak

My God you guys have such a hardon for this Scott Adams guy. @adam @Johncdvorak

Has there been any discussion of @adam’s resemblance to David Lee Roth?

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@adam Your assessment of the US/China COVID-19 is on the correct track. There is a pissing competition between US and China and has been since Trump's Election. Trump and China are playing Hardball. The citizens of both countries are Collateral Damage. This really is a War without Bombs or "Boots on the Ground."

@Johncdvorak @adam I truly believe that all of this coronapanic is simply people not wanting to go to work. Especially teachers.

What’s currently the best phone option for someone looking to move to an OTG lifestyle? I’m seriously considering it.

I’m giving a TEDx Talk later this month. If you’d like to hear about the process first-hand, let me know. @Johncdvorak @adam

@adam @Johncdvorak My god you cuss a lot on the latest episode. Makes it hard to listen to in the presence of a lady and/or children.

The party has evolved from the “moral majority” and the “religious right” into something that more-or-less resembles a “-lite” party.

The party has devolved from representing the “common man” and the party of fighting for the downtrodden into something completely foreign and out of touch to most .

@Johncdvorak If Dvorak was on an animated children’s show about a big red dog:

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