Working with a colleague today who told me he saw an order for thousands of body bags on the desk of a customers office. I asked him which hospital he was working at. He told me he wasn't working at a hospital but a council building in the East Midlands of the UK.

@b3nji probably just last year's model on sale, clearing out old inventory

Is it normal for a council to order body bags?

@b3nji maybe? not sure what a council is exactly but govt has to buy a lot of body bags, maybe council cuts the PO's

Na, certainly not in my country. We have the NHS which is completely separate to the Councils. NHS is primarily responsible for failing healthcare and wasting my tax money, council is primarily responsible for failing roads and public services while wasting my tax money. Both complexly separate, hence my shock.

I'm hoping the decision to buy these body bags is due to an over zealous council worker trying to spend the budget before the end of financial year in April..

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