Don't let SOCIETY tell you what to do. Show them you're free. Don't wipe your ass.

Article got a well deserved Trump RT (below).

Go and read the deranged replies by libturds.

Their most common argument is 'Biden won not because of Biden, but because people were voting against Trump.'

Epic idiocy. And delusion.

Reminder : Republicans have almost taken the House and will likely hold the Senate.

MANY are #MAGA candidates.

But yeah, people voted anti-Trump.

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9 households at my house right now, c'mon Newsom come tell me I can't. Better yet send the Salinas PD I just finished building their $50 million brand new police station. I'm sure they prefer me over you.

Johns Hopkins University published a study showing no significant overall death rate change from COVID.

This comes from the Waybayk Machine because it was taken down, predictably.

It’s a tragedy that Jack didn’t end up with Janet, instead of that bore Vicki.

“According to the Election Incident Reporting System, there were 2,115 reported machine problems; not to mention more than 20,000 other reported difficulties people had with waiting in extremely long lines for hours, inadequate voting machine allocation, poorly trained voting personnel, missing absentee ballots, voters who were kept from the polls, and confusing ballot design.”

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I hope this starts happening more often. Police removed helmets in solidarity with protesters

The very same Americans who scream that they hate the police state then turn around and support the police.


If the US government lied about the Iraq war, why would you trust the government about anything else?

Lin Wood Outlines Case for Rampant Voter Fraud, GA Vote Corruption; GA Election will Be Nullified - YouTube

@OVDB @aztekm30 @SirMathieu @Bishop @adam @Johncdvorak @IcyGrillz @CarBlanez33 long story short, we have no rights, all we have are what Ottawa and the provincial government deems acceptable. This and the Notwithstanding Clause make the so-called Charter worth less than toilet paper.

We make our own magic, so thank God for your blessings today ~ and every day hereafter!

My "gratitude list" includes my hilarious, patient, meat smokin' husband, @SirSpencer; our human resources; good health and tiny amygdalae for myself and loved ones; daily home-cooked meals to nourish family, friends, and neighbors; laughter; and the wonderful NA community.

Happy Thanksgiving, No Agenda fam!
💜✨Love and light✨💜

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