@furgar Perhaps the only thing that we continue to do right.

And that'd be more accurately stated as 4% of the world's population, and 50% of the world's *registered* guns.

JUST IN: Gasoline has topped $4/gallon in EVERY state for the first time in history.

"Just get an electric car."
--You Know Who

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These are all of the mass shooters (in the US) in 2021. Why are blue-checks and the media "gutted" by some of these shootings but not about others?

huh. Starting to wonder if Jack was all tied up with strings while CEO, and maybe some strings got cut?

It's Zuckerberg all over the funding of the election fraud. Twitter was running the messaging suppression/manipulation and I haven't noticed Jack spill over into IRL like I have noticed with Zuckerberg.


Any update on the wood gas thing you have set up? On your truck, right? I was kinda hoping for more OTG segments. Not complaining, just a thought.

I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

I just finished listened to yesterday’s No Agenda and I was so excited to hear @adam mention The Written Revolution podcast which is my podcast with @surrealestate!In fact, I may have gasped and done a little dance.😂 So, thanks Adam for doing that! I have no idea what episode it was but you can find our latest episode at realpassageway.com/ or on any Podcasting 2.0 apps and apparently in the NA stream sometimes! Below are two shows we are particularly proud of if you want to check them out!😊

This just showed up in the Umbrel app store.

I think this can be 2.0-ified with the alternate enclosure?


100% this! Accurate description of what's really happening.

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