Come and get your Matrix movie props and support trans youth

"All proceeds from the auction will go to the Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund..."

Holy Racism Batman!!! @PhoneBoy and I just experienced the most blatant racism at Waffle House in Orangeburg, SC. I overheard the waitresses talking and refusing to take our table. I will say I confirmed it was because we are white and the staff was black. We had done and said nothing other than to comment to ourselves that our local location could be more like them, well staffed and efficient. I have posted on Waffle House corporate page as they don’t answer their phone.

This needs to go on crappy twitter and or FB, not LinkedIn. Again, "supported" by Pipeline.

Top of my feed.

"People argue that critical race theory will teach racism." -this random Game Designer lady @ Pipeworks.

Pipeworks Studios, virtue signaling again in the name of women's rights. -->this should not be posted on LinkedIn. I find it distasteful.

Like ANYONE in Oregon has to worry about on this topic. 🙄

It's more like a signal to me to unfollow Pipeworks.

💥 💥 Coffee's kickin' in...thank the Jesus! 💥 💥

Meetup was so much fun - current mood:

THANK YOU to all who came out!

**FUN '70s story**

The Dale Car. (1974)
A scam ca claiming to get 70MPG (reminds me of Tesla),

Created by:

Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael was a transgender woman who before transitioning used the name, Jerry Dean Michael.

Carmichael, promoted a prototype for a low-cost fuel-efficient car via. Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation, (see Atlas Shrugged 😄 ) but fled with investor money

As I am watching a news story about the immigration policy hearing today, it strikes me… what ever happened to all those Afghan refugees that we shacked up on army bases? Are they still there or have they been released into the wild?

Caught "The Bad Guys" at the theater tonight.

Mr Shark's prison Uniform was sporting the magic #!

Tropical storm today as if it were Fall!

I would like Spring



Thank you

5 years ago:

Soon we will replace all of the servant class with ROBOTS! And then they will either starve or we will give them just enough to live on!


Where are all the willing servants to do our bidding? Why does nobody want to work for us anymore?

It's hard to be an Ultra MAGA mum!

I just don't understand how I can cook dinner, sew KKK hoods, homeschool, go to secret yoga QAnon meetings AND now make my own baby formula on top of it. Being a right wing extremist under the guise of "motherhood" is tough.

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