In Chomsky's defence, he says people "even worse" funded the institution he works for; people like - you guessed it - David Koch, who he describes as " one of the most extraordinary criminals in human history."

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Apropos of nothing, here is a picture of Gnome Chomsky hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein's butler in Paris, near Epstein's apartment.

Sadly, if covid has taught us anything it's that a sizeable portion of the population will believe any old bullshit if you shout it loudly enough.

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Of course the "conspiracy theories" are that it was America what done it, simply because the sitting president announced they would. The smart set on the other hand know better.

The gammons in the comments aren't having it though.

It's incredible that this is still going on, but there are a lot of people out there who will never recover from the covid scare.

And, of course, in Australia at least a lot of this is about rotting the National Disability Insurance Scheme too, which coincidentally was introduced a decade ago.

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Of course, the doctors are more than happy to facilitate all this and I have no doubt they'll all be place on mind-altering medication in the not-too-distant future. The rest of the family are sidelined because you can't compete with Science.

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A member of my family is aggressively pursuing an ADHD (and autism) diagnosis for her and her daughter and it's 100% about her phone. She can't put the damn thing down and when the needs of her children pull her away from social media she's constantly anxious and in a foul mood.

Naturally, the kids are acting out because they're being starved of attention unless they're being snapped at, so she's decided the youngest must have either ADHD or autism as well.

"The sensor uses synthetic molecules that can be designed to target specific pathogens — in this case, COVID and two influenza strains. If these are detected, a wireless device embedded in the mask sends an alert to the wearer's phone."

And then your phone will alert the relevant authorities who'll send a van to transport you to the nearest Wellness Camp.

Not a word about the 15% rise in excess deaths, but they still have space to attack the "antivaxxers."

Nice choice of video to embed, too. Very classy.

"A mind-boggling post online has highlighted just how far gone Australia’s small group of anti-vaxxers are as the rest of the country returns to regular life."

"A new public benefit corporation backed by billionaires Reid Hoffman, George Soros, and others is launching Tuesday to fund new media companies and efforts that tackle disinformation."

Anyone who unironically uses a phrase like "public benefit corporation" should be imprisoned immediately.

"Progress... reform... a better way..."

Because why bother spending the money on the difficult and often dangerous task of taking on the dealers when you can just hand out fines to users and profit?

This is an odd statement:

"What we do know is that having a healthy immune system and being vaccinated (when a vaccine has been developed) is critically important to have the best chance of fighting any infection."

I can only assume this steaming and supposedly fresh heap of Science is actually warmed-over leavings from 2020.

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