Just spent 20 minutes on the Blind app (anonymous tech folks) refuting some of the most asinine statements re: RvW. People are dumb as shit…even if they somehow made it to big tech.

@adam your mic was distorting with poor frequency response at the top. You’re previous rig sounds far superior. I’ve been a sound engineer for 20 years and your previous rig was outstanding. Will you be able to have the similar type of controls you’ve been used to?

Watch Dr. Deborah Birx tell Rep. Jim Jordan that the government was either guessing, hoping, or lying when it said that vaccinated people could not get or transmit Covid-19.


Tweet from Michael Malice (@michaelmalice), at Jun 26, 8:10 PM
The corporate press' vision of a unified country is one in which the pro-life population has to sit down and STFU while what they view as baby murder proceeds unchecked

Somehow they are confused that pro-lifers have an issue with this scenario


All the best guitars come out of cases like this 😉
Missing the live today for a Father’s Day gig, no spoilers

Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies.

If this is accurate... I can think of no equivalent crime against humanity. This transcends all morality. This is simply Evil, i can think of no other word. There isn't Justice or punishment or retribution enough to level the scale.


@adam guess what color you get when you mix yellow and blue…GREEN! Coincidence?

@Johncdvorak and @adam boots on the ground for the “so cal fires”. I live less than a mile away. The “drought” here is hardly affecting that area that caught fire. It’s mostly green and less than a mile from the ocean. That fire was spread by high winds. Oh, it was in the low 60s that day. Super chilly for this area in May!

Dumb question: what’s the purpose of “end of show iso”s?

@adam I’ve noticed over the past few months that @Johncdvorak is interrupting you more often. Just an observation. Love and lit.

@adam in episode 1400, you did have a bit of a math problem, regarding the 50/50 split of vaccinated vs non-vaccinated patients in Ireland. If the total was 600 patients and 93% of the population is vaxxed, it’s not an even split. That means 300 out of 93% vs 300 out of 7%.

There are 4.7MM people in Ireland. That would show .00006% of vaxxed are in the hospital vs .0009% non-vaxxed. Just keeping the arguments honest as I’ve been called out on this recently.

That said, let’s go Brandon!

@adam @Johncdvorak ”Kabool” is the best artwork in the past 3 years. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

@adam in the past year I’ve noticed a new code word: “clear” as in “Let me be clear…” This phrase will usually precede a lie or questionable claim. Kamala is often guilty of this one. Start looking for it.

Went to a legit indoor concert this weekend in Orange County, CA. All the signs and messaging said it was “socially distanced” and “masked”. Zero masks and it felt like a normal show. Good job people.

@adam here in Orange County, CA I’ve been running a similar experiment with no mask in grocery stores. No one seems to care anymore (although I’m the only one not wearing one). Side note: every single person who has told me to put on a mask in the past year and a half has been a female. Just a weird data point, not sure what it means.

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