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I acquired a Pelikan school pen for the same reason. I do not have a Vector but those things were badass back in the day, although I have later Parkers that I enjoy quite a bit.


Male theories about women are notoriously unreliable.


The Sepulcre link went missing? The internet makes me feel incompetent again.

In my view, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Obscura raised the bar, and everyone ran away to easy metalcore instead.

I do not know if it even needs to get as complex as classical, just not revert to pop songwriting and add complexity without the "progressive" clothing that turns everything into jazz fusion.


Modernity makes more sense when one views individualism as its root.

Everything must be convenient, no one must (morally, spiritually, intellectually) change; society will manage all of that.

But yeah phones are annoying too.


For normies, everything is a social event.


Council replaces story-telling library bear with gender-neutral dungaree-wearing rainbow alien.
Hertfordshire Council says Tala the Storyteller is a "bright, vibrant creature" and will be referred to using they/them pronouns.


It is hard to find enough to fill an album for most at this point. The time and energy of youth lead to more riffs than mortgages and diversity trainings.


In my view, it's kind of how most people are feeling about Modernity Inc right now.

But I'm not using a phone either. They have so much potential, but then Apple/Google operating systems that want to know too much about me.


Everything I see in the world out there,
Convinces me to avoid outside air,
To stay inside as just myself alone,
And distract my soul with games on my phone.


This happens when people are slow panicked by world news.

"Oh no, there might be war and nuclear holocaust!"

If they stopped for a minute, they might realize that this is BETTER than more commuting.


...like diversity, inclusion, and equality (DIE).


Gotta wait for Antimalware Service Executable.


Turdeau is part of the Obama-wave of optics politicians.


Much like distortion _can_, if done well.

If done badly, it adds enough mud that everything sounds chromatic.

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Believing paradoxical data leads to reduced mental health.


In my view, there are multiple methods of civilization suicide. Diversity is one of them; wealth transfer is another; still another is micromanagement.

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