In a more serious note, I think to be mixed is to have it always be the basis for conflict in the self, therefore what people talk about and try to make good.

Especially if there is Irish in there.

@PonyPanda @amerika You're just catchphrasing without explanation or justification.
@PonyPanda @amerika It's happened but not because of you. You're not even clever. You're too busy copeseething and scopebreething, boomer.
@PonyPanda @amerika You read it, and thats a 5 years old canned response just like all of your shit. Fucking get real and head back on over to Poast.
@PonyPanda @amerika Well, Brett's issue is not with Jews but with Irish. Get a poast post, replace jews with Irish and you will get something Brett will probably post. I guess to each their own.
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