Our goal is simple: restore Western Civilization. The modern brew of democracy, inclusion, equality, diversity, and socialism/entitlements has failed.

Our plan:

* Seize power
* Relocate all other ethnic groups
* Exile the defectives
* Restore the kings

Key readings:


More details:

@amerika this is about as ignorant as anarchy. Relocate mixed ethnic groups? 😂


Diversity does not work. One ethnic group per nation.


Did you read economics in one lesson? Nothing of what you say is supported and written about there. And forced relocation, exiles and kings are hardly compatible with free markets. And no, Hazlitt was not a monarchist.


Thanks! I'll check it out. Evola/Guenon are interesting but I see them as less the foundation of the far-Right these days than they were pre-Moldbug and Trump!

@amerika Consider adding Kirkpatrick Sale's _Human Scale_ to your list. It's sitting in a prominent place on my shelf but I haven't cracked it open in ten years. Still, it had a huge influence on my worldview as I departed from Lew Rockwell and other anti-statists who seemed to think a world of megacorporations is somehow better because toothpaste costs less at Walmart than at the corner store run by a family in town.


I will put it on the list. I think we need to consider both human and efficiency factors. We want low cost of living, but also... social order!

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