Free speech is the minimum. It lets inconvenient facts & unpopular opinions survive in the world of public opinion, but it does the same for misinfo & lies. It's our responsibility to ensure what's most useful thrives through dialogue & the institutions we build. #LiberalValues


I would add that while "tolerance" is vile, acceptance of differences between people are necessary.

I do not care about hunting down (or worse, "converting") homosexuals and transgenders; I think we should let them be eccentric and face fate on their own terms.

Pedophiles to the chipper, after due process of course.

It's time to end the drug war.

It's also time for systematic, rigorous eugenics and repatriation of the ethnic Other.


do you acknowledge that there are benefits to diversity, but just claim that on balance, you believe it does more harm than good? maybe further research could change your mind then? cause otherwise what you're saying sounds more like a belief than reason.



There are benefits to heroin, too. There may be some minor ones with diversity, but they are inconsequential compared to the damage.

I have lived diversity all my life in the most diverse part of North America.

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