there IS that... @amerika

... but I've long contended we don't need big cities.

And HUGE cities are an artifact of the past. Once, it was necessary to aggregate workers, for EFFICIENCY... but they're a social disaster.

Maybe 100,000... then move down the road a few miles and do it again...


I agree. I like tiered structures:

1. Alliance
2. Nation
3. Region
4. County
5. Parish
6. Town, city, or village

Manorial feudalism was the best we had

@amerika interesting...

4 and 5 should be switched

a county is within a state/parish


Not around here

British : a subdivision of a county often coinciding with an original ecclesiastical parish and constituting the unit of local government

This part of Texas is anglo and your parish is your local church and environs

@amerika you know what? I was reading PROVINCE and thinking Canada...

In the US, a county is a part of a State... I think Louisiana has parishes but I don't know how they fit in.


I can't claim to understand provinces. They seem to be huge.

Louisiana partially inherited French law, so it's a bit different. Not sure where it fits.

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