Premier of New South Wales, Australia resigns amidst charges of corruption. May be, her job is done and she needs to move on for the Tyrant Phase II?

An excruciatingly detailed document of how deeply the Gates and Pharma machinery has infiltrated the Indian medical system. TLDR; it’s fucked up.

Hello IVM believers, please do read this thread at:

Research Dr. Dmitry Kats, formerly now banned @Niatonin username at Twitter. You may also join this group at:

Please! Somebody help the fruits! Could be used as a case for how to get Ratioed.


They asked for horror stories of people who had died of COVID. Instead, they got horror stories of people who died and suffered due to vaccines.
Read on:

This Gates guy is really going to fuck us all up really bad. And my country is not helping either 😢

From COVID passports to carbon passports. The real monster is showing signs of being awakened and would eat your freedom in the raw to usher in full on socialism, rationing and total control of the citizenry. Read on…

NYT article that claimed that calls to the Mississippi poison control center in relation to Ivermectin had gone up by 70% has been corrected by changing 70% to 2%. Bizarrely, the original statement itself is no more in the article.

Article is here:
Source of the correction:

Apple doing deep surveillance by human backpack equipment in the name of improving its maps service in Canada. Source: macrumors

There is a viral fever making rounds in India. It’s killing people, but it’s not COVID. Dengue? They are not even saying what it is officially.

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