The sport that people in the United States call football is more boring than every other sport in the world. Golf is more boring, but it is not a sport.

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@alphaCarbon33 you should watch the wnba and have your mind changed.

Then watch women's pole vault so you can be counter the misery of watching the wnba

@alphaCarbon33 A large part of sports appreciation is knowledge of the details, either through experience or upbringing. When you know the logistical difference between amateur and professional performance, witnessing the latter becomes exciting.

@Mikerotch75 I'm sorry you have such a sad life that watching other people play sports is exciting.

@alphaCarbon33 it's more akin to chess, so if you're watching it uninformed it will be terribly boring. Regardless, to some, any sport watching is boring.

@MrAnthrope BLAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA you are clearly not a very intelligent person. Chess is a game for people who want to act smart but can't actually do anything.

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