The sport that people in the United States call football is more boring than every other sport in the world. Golf is more boring, but it is not a sport.

I’d like to see Trump and JoBi have a beer, make fun of minorities and wrap it up with a good old fashioned tranny dance.

Some one posted on here a while ago saying that it was shallow to not like black and white movies. This is stupid. Movies are shallow by nature. And black and white ones are generally not as entertaining to people with typical human visual capacities because we tend to see in color. Also I absolutely hate these last few episodes of Better Call Saul with all the black and white: it has literally ruined the entire series for me.

I wonder if election cycles help to keep the public thinking that the atrocities [repeatedly] committed by government are not a continuous example of their default state. 🤔

Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 85 - "Overman" -- Adam and Moe continue their eugenics education

Hey Green Bay area noagendites, I am gonna be in your fine city next week. Any suggestions for river access (lake is ok too I guess), places to eat, and/or things to do? It's a work trip so I won't have much free time until the weekend.

Picked up a job from the engraver today and got talking about the future. He is literally the only engraver around here, and people in five counties send him work to do when he isn’t traveling across the country to do engraving work on-site.

In fifty years of work not a single person has ever asked him to teach the trade. When he came into it, he replaced a guy who was in his 80s.

He said he doesn’t even know how you would teach someone today. Nothing is made in America anymore so when you make a mistake no one can just fix it and let you try again.

I told him we have the same problem in cutting. I can only afford to give kids synthetic material or maybe some low end amethyst, but the good stuff has become SO expensive since the 1960s that it’s hard to even get anything to learn on.

I don’t know what we will do when he retires in the next two years. There is literally no one to take his place and there are no young people with an interest in this kind of work.

Fuck. Most young people don’t even know what engraving is.

This is where America is going.

RE the judge’s rant in the Alex Jones trial. As someone who has served on juries twice I have some standing. The whole point of going to trial is because someone isn’t telling the truth. Otherwise the defendant would just plead guilty or the trial wouldn’t take place. Reasons why someone is untruthful aren’t relevant, only that the jury is required to determine the facts of the case.

Spent several hours hitting my co-workers in the mouth by doing flood clean-up in my old No Agenda t-shirt.

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