NOW - Large protest against vaccine passports in central #Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The fact that the “get vaxxed or get fired” order applied only to U.S. employees and sending several 100,000 unvaxed immigrants all over the country,says it all. It is the plan.

This is how I treat practically all media at this point

“Have you seen _________, Bécassine?”
“What’s _________?”

@TheCM this will help.

You can get it at most drugstores. It’s like a firehose compared to the saline mist.

finally had a sighting with a bonus today when I went to fill the truck's gas tank.

@Johncdvorak @adam More anti-work news articles. From what I can tell this kid was shoveling snow for free for all his neighbors. I bet he wouldn't be so bummed if he was getting paid like kids in the USA.

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