Remember when we had an older white President that said racist things and would fire people that said things he didn’t like? I’m so glad we are beyond that’s.

Remember when we had an old white President that said racist things and was criticized about not wearing a mask? Thank goodness those days are behind us.

@WowMachineRadio That’s literally the funniest thing I’ve read this morning.

@TrueNorth77 Imma just gonna put signs in my yard saying “Old White Guy for President” so I don’t have to change them out.&

Remember that time when the Republican defeated the Democrat and became President? Then remember that time when the Democrat defeated the Republican and became President? Lather. Rinse...

@kcmmrl I suppose this needs to be passed on with another link to one of the other “okay is racist” articles from last year.

After four years of hearing “not my President” I look forward to four years of hearing “not my President.”

Which way will coverage go? Hype this up for the clicks or play it down for the messaging?

@VeddyBadAng @Johncdvorak What if I just want my money and I’m not investing and playing roulette with it in a stock market or whatever? I just think people should be able to keep their money.

@Johncdvorak A wealth tax sounds like you’d always have to work else taxes would eat through everything you have.

@SirIsaac They are a great way to share real data since people will read them. But fact checking “fact” memes shows that most don’t do that and just reshape garbage.

@Cosmic It’s almost as if they want the panic and control.........

Site created by a local member of an anti mask Facebook group.... but it’a mostly memes. It could be more effective showing the CDC pages and videos before the current administration has everything changed ;)

@KReBSTaR are their lobbies closed everywhere? BK is open for dining here. My nearby McD has counter open for ordering but no seating.

Sign at Wendy’s: “Now hiring smiling faces.” Oh really? They have to wear masks don’t they? So what good is hiring a smiling face when you can’t see the smile?

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