Celebrity gets criticized for wearing a “medically useless” mask... unlike all of us that are wearing masks that day they are not medically useful...

Ames, Iowa ... mask mandate. With no penalty. “Stop! Or I’ll say stop again!”

Iowa got some attention the other day due to being on of the highest Covid-19 percentages in America. Yet...

How does one without a mask go into a store to buy a mask if the store requires you to wear a mask?

Based on the UPPERCASE, I now know if you go to a trump rally without a mask, you die.

Here, kill the germs by rubbing your hands with this solution which says it does not kill germs.

Let’s get a hashtag going. Post a picture of your cloth mask’s legal disclaimer explaining that it is not to be used as a medical device. What should we use for the hashtag?

CDC’s latest weekly report says this is 10 weeks in a row that the Covid death percentage has dropped. In the chart, the peak of the red line starting to go down is that 10 week period. CDC says it’s at the threshold for “epidemic” so if it falls lower, no epidemic.

Also, they now call this PIC - Pnuemonia, Influenza, Covid — all lumped together. So not all of this was even Covid. Some could have just been part of the normal flu season (80,000 deaths in the US in 2018).


I was a block down from the Merle Hay Mall protest/riot in Des Moines last night. Fun times! I could hear the booms.

None shall pass! Restaurants with closed dining rooms have different ways of blocking them off.

I saw a weird thing. People were dining INSIDE a restaurant!

They tell is to wash our hands but open the parks with the bathrooms locked...

Oops. Nevermind. You can’t even be outside on a patio to have a drink right now...

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