Celebrity gets criticized for wearing a “medically useless” mask... unlike all of us that are wearing masks that day they are not medically useful...

@allenhuffman I mean, I hate to point out that any celebrity doing medical work should be using the appropriate mask.

It doesn’t matter that the actual science shows us masks under any circumstances are less useful than being sanitary - the medical insurance cost to not wearing a mask during any medical procedure is too high to not follow the insurers demands.


@Sir_Fromgar They do seem to be helpful if you are coughing and sneezing and spitting while you talk.

@allenhuffman if you’re in the medical field, yes. I mean, if you’re sick you shouldn’t be doing anything in the medical field until you feel better, according to any person in the medical field I’ve ever spoken to.

The average Joe who is sick at Home Depot probably doesn’t have the right mask, isn’t fitted right, and isn’t physically distant. There’s zero science on it, but I doubt the mask does anything but make him appear to be compliant while he is anything but.

@Sir_Fromgar I’m fine with saying it’s an automatic way to “cover your cough.” It’s a good sign of “I am incapable of covering my cough” I suppose.

@allenhuffman that’s fine, except if 99.9% of people are incapable of covering their cough, then we need more open carrying 😂

@Sir_Fromgar I think in my area the folks showing they are incapable of his is a much lower percentage

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