@Johncdvorak A wealth tax sounds like you’d always have to work else taxes would eat through everything you have.

Site created by a local member of an anti mask Facebook group.... www.trash-the-mask.com but it’a mostly memes. It could be more effective showing the CDC pages and videos before the current administration has everything changed ;)

Sign at Wendy’s: “Now hiring smiling faces.” Oh really? They have to wear masks don’t they? So what good is hiring a smiling face when you can’t see the smile?

I’m going to follow @FortyTwo hoping for a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference and not a lot of Bill Clinton information.

Celebrity gets criticized for wearing a “medically useless” mask... unlike all of us that are wearing masks that day they are not medically useful...

Anyone have an ice pick I can borrow to jam into my skull?

We can control what the country looks like. As long as it’s a choice they controlled for you.

Wait. Trump said it wasn’t true. Biden says it’s all true. Well heck. I don’t know who to believe. I think I’ll vote for the toaster oven.

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