At the US AAU National Karate tournament my daughter and I each won a bronze metal, and one of my son's won two gold and a bronze. Now it's time to nap. Great week.

ITM! Competition karma, please. 3 of my human resources and I are at the AAU Karate National tournament. Two of us competing tomorrow.

On our way from Washington state to the AAU Karate National tournament in Ft Lauderdale, FL. 3 kids and I are competing. Wish us luck.

"Outrage of the Week"

I think the Left really loves outrage & riots; they LIVE for this nonsense.

I'm starting to think that Clarence Thomas belongs on whatever is the Supreme Court equivalent of Mount Rushmore.

Can any dudes named Ben out there clip the JRE episode #1831 with Colin Noir where Rogan calls out Larry Lightfoot for being insane. This shit needs to go viral.


Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating white republicans freeing the white democrat’s black slaves.

@al_kali @bitterrealist thinking back to my younger days, because Americans were taught that the government regulates the markets. You usually have to go to college, and only a few disciplines even hint this, to learn otherwise. Or learn it independently.

@al_kali @bitterrealist it's kind of like learning how it's actually a bad idea to catch fish to bury with the corn seed

small/medium sized items for resale, e.g., wine racks, shelving, boxes, cabinets, etc. And my carpentry services range from layout to finish, which includes wood/metal framing, drywall, doors, mouldings, hardware, and more.

If anyone needs/wants custom woodwork products or carpentry work around NYC please contact me at [email protected] and/or danieljfranco1 on No Agenda Social. Web site and phone number coming soon. Mention Nick the Rat Radio for a (bigger than the NA) discount!

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I did some math today. 1/3 of the way to knighthood. @adam TYFYC

@noagendashownoteslinks get out there in front of the lines and offer them $10 or $20 more than the cops and buy everything decent that you can.

29 pages, 5 of which are works cited

This work is not legal advice.

It's licensed creative commons. Share with **anyone**.

If you use it, you should comb through and modify references to the author (me).

Atheists who wish to make a religious exemption request should remove Points 4 and 5 and modify Point 6.

I've included all works cited that I feel legally safe to share. For others I have included a text file with wayback machine links.

General Motors CEO virtue signaling how “clean” the new Chevy Volt is.

Then a reporter asks where the charging electricity comes from.

Oh my…. Wait for it.

An asymptomatic person, tested positive after a meeting. What are asymptomatic people getting tested?

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I was contacted by my employers "contact-tracing team." I have to work remote and get a negative PCR test on Saturday to go back to the office. Then I have to wear a mask until the 16.

As I toil away at my VERY limited premiere set of NFT's to sell, I've been having lots of conversations with NFT collectors & creators about WHICH NFT Marketplace to select. In the opinion of many, is the widely accepted popular favorite for creators and collectors. Whichever one I got with, I'll let potential collectors know a few days in advance. I'll have a few for sale for cheap, a few on sale via auction, and a couple personal favorites priced a bit goofily, come what may. :)

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