Moving is a nightmare for a dude named Ben


I have a bin full. I can’t throw them out. I always tell myself they can be “repurposed”

@Foneguy89 @akabrahamson when you throw one out, the following week you find the appliance that was supposed to use that exact adaptor

@greyknight33 @Foneguy89 @akabrahamson Our house is full of these. Unfortunately, they are located in many different spots, so when you need a particular one, it cannot be located.

@akabrahamson Make one for my husband where he's holding a broken Mr. Coffee.

@akabrahamson oh god it’s so true. A neighbor came over looking for an old school usb a-b cable and it was found in the hoard and now the existence of the hoard is justified until the end of time.


Last week my wife found my stash and grabbed the Red yellow white AV cables and was like we will never use these! I said maybe, keep them.

@akabrahamson lol
I was literally asking my dude named Ben friend @bigl0af for advice on what to keep/toss for my move 😂

Should I keep this IDE cable? This PS2 keyboard and mouse? What about this box of cat5 wire?

Kept it all 💪

@akabrahamson I have few of those, I don't even know what they go to...!😖

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