Holy moly! Scott Adams retweeted the latest ANA. I wondered what was going on. . .views about double what they would normally be after 4 hours.

Thank you to Andrew Blackburn for sending to him! Anyone know if he's on NAS?

@adam @Johncdvorak

As we're listening to NA live on this lovely morning, my 3-year-old human resource said, "No, not masks! They're making me CRAZY!" ๐Ÿ˜‚

Me too, little one.

Tonight's edition of Degen Stoner Doritos Nacho Plate is extra as fuck in honor of @Laurien's birthday

ok, 1st world problem of locating what I grabbed off AmazonHD in Tidal, adding to my collection (peeve, if I add the album to my collection, you'd think that the artist would also be added at the same time? NOOOO, you need to add the artist as well. P5 FAIL!) and starting the download album by album (that's how tidal does it, by album). Now to scroll back to see what i've missed...

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