@Johncdvorak @adam

The head made of sticks is a cool laser engraving of your animated no Agenda likenesses, they came to each of you, with the check to John and to Adam's po box. They are also signed by several of the meetup participants!


Not sure, we're having the Baron of Miami Valley, @ladyfingers, over for dinner Tuesday night, we may discuss. I'd certainly be happy to have folks come out again.

@aighead @ladyfingers I was thinking about going to the NE Ohio one tonight but it did not pan out. 3.5 hrs drive and such...

@theohiobloke @ladyfingers yeah, I was thinking of it too but it didn't work out this time.

@aighead @Johncdvorak @adam I was expecting heads on stakes from the description on the show but these are awesome!

@Sabex I was wondering how the read was going to go when I sent the note. I was kind of in a hurry so it was extra sloppy.

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