A great, if long-winded as usual, wrap up of the Mueller report. Glen calls really hits them as conspiracy theorists in the article which is interesting. @adam

From Glen Greenwald: Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories. He Obliterated Them.. tiny.iavian.net/se9n

Catching up... Ep. 1127

Good catch @adam on Chelsea handler. I was encouraged by her clips too! Terribly interesting lines of thinking.

If you aren't listening/watching to fox news and Shep you are missing some good cluster fuck vamping.

For those keeping score... Apparently, Notre Dame is on fire. Fox's hero, Shep Smith, just said that anyone that thinks of or mentions conspiracy theories is doing dangerous things to the planet. I paraphrase a bit but God forbid, in our world of fake news, we think that whatever we are told may not be true or real.


Joining the likes of San Francisco... It's now going to be A-OK to steal shit in Dallas. What is happening.

No more prosecuting petty crimes: Does the Dallas County DA’s plan for justice reform go too far?



The flags painted on the inside of the word "police" are seen as "too aggressive." Uh, what?

Putting American flags on police cars sparks backlash in Laguna Beach.



In today's episode of "just because we can."

This seems like a terrible idea to me.

Scientists put human gene into monkeys to make them smarter, human-like | Business Recorder.



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Also, how about crazy amounts of orchids at the local cheese factory. The cheese is great too!

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For those who listened, and care, to episode 1126, which I haven't listened to yet...

I decided I'd rather her be my fiancé for the whole trip and she said yes!

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I keep meaning to ask if the invisible No Agenda hat is made of foil? @adam

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