Fucking taxes made me late for listening live... Now I should probably do some other chores.

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@jennifer @ParkerTechGuy @CSB You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life.

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When Rush plays old clips of him predicting stuff or whatever and it sounds tinny it's so you know it's not live. It's his voice in the past, done intentionally.

I started writing you guys a note because you'd played a clip from 3 shows ago, on the show, 2 shows ago and I didn't realize it was a clip, it just sounded like you repeating yourselves, and I was confused. I was going to mention Rush doing this, but I figured you were intentionally NOT doing it...

Another interesting post on reddit. The replies I read basically say, "yeah, this guy sucks." Sadly, I can imagine some shill from his campaign is the one that posted the question as market research.

r/AskAnAmerican - How do you feel about Michael Bloomberg buying out hundreds of instagram meme accounts to “make him look cool”? What do you think of him, as a person and as a presidential candidate?


Yay to Daniel for the meetup knighting!

Yay to Daniel for the meetup knighting!

Thanks, Jessie Coy Nelson for your Ramala meetup report! It's neat the hear the sounds, I want more!

I've noticed @Johncdvorak and @adam being more appreciative of donations lately rather than being mad about the donations that didn't come in. It's very nice to hear you stay pointing in the positive direction rather than negative. I think it'll work out for the better for you.

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@aighead @Johncdvorak as I clicked on this picture my girlfriend walked in the room and screamed which also scared me. scary picture!

This is a nice look at Rush and it points to a fair amount of No Agenda thoughts as well. It's kind of written as a post mortem but has a good ending.

Limbaugh: A Genius at Radio

Limbaugh: A Genius at Radio. tiny.iavian.net/xrl2


I thought the Local 1 was Murfreesboro? Is it Michigan?

50something billion dollars and this is what the Bloomberg team comes up with.


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Whitmer went straight for the JCD vote with potholes.

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@ProfWorr The problem with the Democratic message is both "Free Shit we can never pay for", and that EVERYTHING ELSE THEY SAY IS EITHER NEGATIVE TALK OR SCARE TACTICS.

Climate Change
Oh No, the Children Schools


They need a coherent, positive message to win, even if the message is bullshit; like Obama's "Change you can Believe In..."

Negative messages don't carry elections.

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Wait, she's bragging about a kid in her state that's filling potholes she should fill?

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