My smoking hot wife just turned a 10 foot high 20 foot wide pile of wood into ash in about 10 minutes, she's like a pro pyro.

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Drudge was decent, now it appears it's not even on the drudge report app but I haven't updated it... Also before it dissappeared it turndd to garbage.

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Wasting no time today, crank up the volume, burp, blow your nose and we're off!

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Well, everybody it's ! Listening live and slaving away from Dayton, Ohio, trying to reinstall a window on a backhoe. As far as mid-december goes it's a lovely day, I hope y'all are enjoying it!

Let's get some and and and

Comedy central roast of Trump on pluto TV right now. Amazing how everyone loves him prior to the presidency.

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Tesla cop car almost runs out of juice in pursuit of another car.

I can't wait until all the plebes have to drive electric but the cops still get to use gas. I'm sure the cops will also have a switch to power down our electrics... Bullshit.

So, I picked up a vr headset for the family a few days ago. I then showed the kids what VR looked like from the Lawnmower Man days (1990s) where we had to go to the mall & strap on some crazy contraption. I remember trying that once & it was terrible. It's still not quite ready for prime time now but it's also amazingly immersive for what it is. It's very interesting to stand in the living room but also somewhere else. It definitely messes with reality a bit. If you haven't tried it you should.

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Wait, am I to hear that there is a No Agenda maple syrup of the month club? I'm in, just tell me where to sign!

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Maybe we'll see what this turns in to... I bought a pile of fancy wood, months ago, but a lot of it is thin, so platters seem to be the go to unless I glue, which I don't have any experience with.

Speaking of being gone a while...

Have we all mentioned that Q is back?

Re: vaping flavor bans...

I went pipe tobacco shopping Friday evening and found several different flavors that should be enticing to teens. We banning them too or no because they don't have names like sweet cola? (though that may have been one of them...) Either way Vanilla Custard is the current winner over Black Cherry.

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