Building a workshop, pt xx. My first decorations in the workshop. I'm a big fan of fans for some reason. I painted this wall a few weeks ago, it'll likely be the most decorated wall. It's exciting to get this room coming along.

Box one! Much beefier than it needs to be but it's the material I have...

I'm going to agree that not being Rolling Rock was a missed opportunity... "33" @adam and @Johncdvorak

While listening live today I think I'll be working on a French cleat storage solution for the workshop (also a before, middle and eventually after shots of the wall where this solution will be going)... It's starting with some tool boxes, here's a template we'll see how close I can get...

Breaking my rule of not listening while I'm not caught up, but whatever, it's showday! In the morning everybody! Let's get some and and and

I hope you all are doing beautifully!

I just thought of a pretty dang good idea...

Why the fuck didn't the govt make a waiver, at the beginning of this dumb virus crap, that we could sign accepting all the risks of potentially getting it, then everywhere could stay open, that wanted to, and we could behave like adults and go where we want, masked or maskless, like real human beings?

Man... On The Love Boat they'd toss all kinds of trash into the ocean upon casting off.

What's up with all the people getting shot with money, making-it-rain style, on the commercials nowadays?

Catching up Ep 1321. @adam and @Johncdvorak are wrong.

A chick breaking up with @sirodyseus (sp?) the day before valentine's day... Totally better than the day after. Imagine a nice romantic evening, where she's faking it the whole time. That's a way bigger bummer.

Chris Hubbard, sorry for your loss but , you're perspective is great. I hope you're here.

"Another door opens... Or window."

Hashtag cleanpipessavelives and also may make you puke.

I hope it's OK that when I pray, in the morning, I say boogity, boogity, boogity, amen.

I assume God has a pretty good sense of humor.

I, also, often, start with "Hello, God, it's me Margaret"

Did you guys hear about the fbi being ordered to release all info about Seth Rich to the courts (I think)?

Yay to Sarah Gonzalez, the wife of @zonz for donating! Exciting and sweet!

Ep. 1321

Ep 1321 catching up. @adam is the Austin, Texas ambassador for Joe Rogan.

Let's get an @adam and Oh Elon episode on Joe. I'd love to hear some debate there with the almost richest man in the world and the Podfather. Getting Oh Elon on the No Agenda tip would be kickass. And I prefer Oh Elon being the richest versus Crazy Eye.

So, my sister got the virus. I send a text asking how it's going and the first thing she replies is how guilty she feels for getting it... Occasionally, her husband hangs out at his workplace with other healthy people, after hours, she goes out to dinner, etc.


Oh yeah, she's all in on dimension b. Surprise.

Ep 1321, catching up. @Johncdvorak 's pet peeve of the day about "our show is actually all about" with showing fake covid footage, the very fine people hoax, Clinesmith doctored evidence, and climategate, and "the whole thing is doctored evidence!" "what is going on?"

Man... One of the greatest rants of the show!

Hopefully @jennifer is paying attention for ANA. (I don't get to watch very often, have you done it?)


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