Hey! The science is in!

Nasa: Mini ice age on the way due to lack of sunspots and it'll get very cold | Metro News. tiny.iavian.net/pp00


Either she is looking for attention or they are shutting her out. Kind of funny.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: They're mistaking me for an intern! - The American Mirror


Primary construction on railing 1 is, basically, complete. Still need to button up and finish off.

Oh this is also a note to say if you have steps and don't have a shelf of some variety at the top you are missing something handy.

At the bottom of the picture you can see railing 2 pre-final demolition...

everybody, it's ! Don't know how live I'll be but I'll be slaving away on railing number 2, the significantly more complex version, this time with angles! Ooh, and I may finish a gear shift knob for @pokey

Just for posterity let's get some and and and


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So, flipping through all the m5m as they try to cover this shit live... It feels like all of them, upon cutting to commercial, scream "stop the hammering!" the production of live TV like this, with as many people as they throw at it, is really garbage.

I want to watch JCD and @adam cover this live with jingles and recorders.

Anchor just said, as a fact, that gop has lost suburban women in this election, Graham was like yeah.

Lindsey Graham is defeated, at 1012p eastern, on CBS.

Uh also should turn off the spinning capital on the giant TV screen behind the anchors.

Hey m5m, please identify each one of these candidates... I don't care who the gayest new governor is or how many veterans are running... How about "is this person decent to hire, as a candidate?"

See Donna brazille looking like hunger games?

Ep 1082. Best end of show mix in a long time, if if if and Bing Bing bong bong... So good. Well done to those involved!


@adam and I'm just noticing the acronym doesn't work. Well done.

Also, here is this, taken from the wall at a catholic school gym wall, at my daughter's basketball game...



My gf works for city government and I learned, today, that they are 5g'ing the city... Makes me a bit nervous for her.

My perspective was if 4g was as good as it could be we wouldn't really need 5g would we? I haven't really looked into the supposed benefits, so maybe there is a need, but how much YouTube can you watch while on the move. Also I work in said city, so we'll see how I feel after they flip the switch. May not effect me at work, in the middle of cornfields but we'll see.

Anyone use free Sketchup? Is it only a web version now? I've used it for years but years ago now. Newest version seems web-based... Bullshit.

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