Interesting... Ep. 1229. I just listened to Paula Poundstone on the You Made It Weird, with Pete Holmes podcast, from 2018 sometime. I'm an old school Paula Poundstone fan but her politics are garbage. I heard, on that episode, that she'd been on Wait, Wait, don't tell me for 17 (now 19-20) years. I still like her but Trump has made it difficult to listen to a lot of stuff. This goes along with some of my previous posts of the past day...

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@adam with the slide whistle assist, good stuff!

Welp, in the morning everybody, it's and the stream is about to get 'd. It's a great day for kite flying and I'm slaving away at Animal Crossing, but turning it off for now, live from Dayton, Ohio. Let's get a helping heap of and and

Have a good one y'all, maybe we'll see you on the virtual meetup machine at jitsi in a while. Ya know, it's like a partaay.

So I went and hung out with never trumping best friend last night & one of the first things he mentioned re: the virus is that he probably wouldn't have mentioned it being bad for a bit then making noise about it getting worse... Sounds familiar, but I didn't say anything about it. Then said the right was being heavy handed in the lockdown but didn't realize that h1n1 was, at this point, worse, with no real reaction from Nobama. I did mention that.

One hundred thousand hours of sanding and she's in!

Watching deer is interesting. I'm watching about 5-10 deer frolicking about 1000 feet away. 1st and 2nd generation, meaning 2-3 years old, and their newish offspring. They bounce around and run away scared at nothing...

For what it's worth re: The 7 car Zephyr.

I've been sitting on the dirt porch, out back, for about an hour. I've heard at least 2 big trains roll by in the past 20 minutes. Granted, these are big supply trains, but shit is moving...

Ep. 1228: Sharpton talks about working WITH Trump and he gets his entire reading correct...?

Trump curse?

Something is going on with DJT.


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I'm a vital part of the temperature control unit (a name I just made up) at work...

I refused to aim a gun shaped infrared thermometer at people's heads but bought into being the one who, if the initial temp. reading is high, I confirm it with a better thermometer. The world, right now, is fucked up. This is for a company of about 300 people, maybe a little more.

Mostly I'm the temp. confirmer because I have a temperal thermometer and apparently you can't get one right now.

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@wjmaggos @aighead @adam
And I do think we indeed have a community here & not a ‘community’, my man.

Ep. 1227

"Hang in there mouth-hitters!" @Johncdvorak and @whomeverthedonationwasfrom

Just went to 2 neighbors house, for demo's it was an 83 year old black gentleman for whom I plan to dig a drainage ditch & a 60 year old black ex-Fed. I'm a 42 year old white guy. Both guys told me to back off (nicely) when I was in more than normal talking distance away.

Fed is saying this virus was pretty real. I didn't really believe him. I wish I could say more but big brother is watching. The fed has done some neat things. I may try to figure out a good way to discuss.

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