Waaake theeeeee F***********ck uuuuuuup @ProfWorr
Rubbleizr out!

It's because Herr Hopscotch is impossible to find or spell.

Mid-mowing refreshment with the unofficial official beer (weird it's in a can!) of the best podcast in the universe. #33

Be a reflection of what you'd like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. If you want respect, give respect. What you give out will always return.

Listening live: These dumb fucks might want to remember who fixes their car and feeds them.

In the morning, everybody! It's showday! Listening live and slaving away on the mower, as usual. It's pretty lovely, though a bit damp, in the long shadows of trash mountain. I hope it's nice where you are too!

Take a minute to be thankful for something beautiful!

Let's get a heaping helping of and and and

I hope your meetup goes well @methos ! Sorry I couldn't make it up! Maybe next time...

The smoking hot wife made my day. We are on the road today and she asked me to put on No Agenda.


@Johncdvorak @adam

The head made of sticks is a cool laser engraving of your animated no Agenda likenesses, they came to each of you, with the check to John and to Adam's po box. They are also signed by several of the meetup participants!

Ep. 1363, what is a "private hideaway office" in the capital?

Ep. 1363: the anti-vax community being "terrified, they truly believe what they believe"

It's not "terrified" it's the same as not wanting to shoot crystal meth into your veins. The benefits are this, the drawbacks are this.

Is crystal meth (the vax) cool? Sure, once. Long term it looks like shit, or that's not even a concern because you weren't smart enough to consider it, now your teeth are gone.

Ep. 1362

I still have not received my tax refund. The amount of interest on that should be decent. I'm sure they'll make sure I'm paid up.

Yay to the ep. 1362 Dutch meetup. Sounds like so much fun! Great editing for the report too!

Lying flat is very interesting. Imagine an entire population realizing that they're getting fucked so they don't contribute in the name of protest. Very interesting.

Ep. 1362

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