Happy Anniversary to JCD and Mimi. So happy that you two found each other and continue on. And you two never had a fight. May the next thirty plus years be even more grand. Much love and many blessings to you and yours…

It was this guy, a few miles up the road from me. Stephan Marlow, killed like two 80 year olds, a 40 something, and a 15 year old kid. Who knows why, they caught him in Kansas.

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Is this the dude in butler county?

That's the only thing I've heard recently, I don't know if they got him...

World's Longest Yard Sale (127 Sale) yesterday, I picked up some stuff to help decorate the shop (instead of actually doing anything). Here's the back wall now and I have some space for more stuff. I bought both of the beverage crates, which provided some cubby holes for the small vehicles I'm much too old to collect.

In the morning, everybody!

Hit it!

I'm attempting to build a giant router table right now, so far I'm just making drawings. Note the "in the morning" engraving!

Thanks for the tips gang, I'll look into and share!

I'm always amazed at the beautiful crowd sourcing that is possible here!

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... Or if it'd have to be post production work, or if even such a thing exists.

As I understand he's using something wireless that ties into some GoPros he's using, which he isn't thrilled with either.

He's a very helpful fella, in the woodworking and milling world and I thought maybe I could help him for once by asking all you smart folk.


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You guys are all evil geniuses. I have a question about audio recording. There's a guy who has a very good sawmill operation, in Alabama, who makes YouTube videos, and he's frustrated with the audio recordings of him talking about what he's doing while doing it.

Anyone have some good solutions that would be wireless/mobile & isolate his voice from a running sawmill and other big loud tools that would be used in that kind of operation?

I don't know if that could happen live or...


The unvaccinated are the heroes! Del Bigtree reads a letter from an Ozzy who took the stabby thing...

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