Ep. 1102 They Live show art is amazing! Well done whomever, that I may remember to mention when I listen to next week's show.

The buried lede is that, apparently, a robot, in one warehouse, punctured a can of bear repellent and it sprayed a bunch of people... I don't remember hearing about that.


Amazon made a vest to keep robots from pummeling humans. tiny.iavian.net/qt3v

I'm catching up... Ep. 1100...

Re: Flash meetup.

Did anyone go to the flash meetup at the Gilman brewery? I went to their website and I'm extremely curious, for a pretty good reason, to know if they have any merch there? I didn't see anything on the website. I didn't want to steal the Gilman street highway sign ibsaw when traveling around SF but I'd really be interested in a shirt or something... Uh, it's my name!

Another Sabo style, this one by The Faction, billboard take over. It's a good one and the article actually describes NPCs well.


How much of this crap could be fixed if they called it what it is? Propaganda...

everybody it's snow day . Calling in live from a church parking lot in Dayton, Ohio. I hope everybody is doing well. Let's get some and and and

Stay safe and

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My first Christmas turning... I screwed it up, pretty badly, about an hour and half before I needed to leave with it. Recovered ok.

@adam I thought you talked about them missing, on the show, around the time I posted this... See replies...

Chemtrails/contrails, in Dayton, Ohio, and many other places have almost went non-existent, I have seen a few over the past week though.

Yes, it's a slow day and I went back 175 days and found something relevant.

Wait, @adam, are your chemtrails back? Mine aren't...

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Well everybody! It's and I think I'll be listening live for the first time in a while! I'm fresh off an early morning nap, probably about to slave my ass off at some sort of wood deconstruction and having a lovely long weekend. Merry Christmas .

Now, let's have some and and and .

Remember to hug your loved ones.

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confirmed my Nissan Cube is a bug slaughtering machine @adam

@ChrisWilson i just heard you and your beard is homeless! Where do I donate? Ha!

Ep 1094... Is anyone really sleep texting? My immediate reaction was that that is bullshit and not real. Is it?

Headline speaks for itself.


Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners. tiny.iavian.net/q8kr

We should line the world with lithium ion batteries! Seems like a great plan. Oh, and they are easy to make and dispose of... Right?

Delivery robot bursts into flames at UC Berkeley - SFGate. tiny.iavian.net/q8x3

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