You cant say X in a public school board meeting with adults but you can in make children memorize it in public school?

HR departments at tech companies, M$M, government and other 'big' industries need to start including this meme in their training as long as James O'Keefe and Project Veritas are still in operation😅

Over the weekend when a gun fired into a Tops supermarket?

I don't get why the eliterati, M$M & co wasted any social currency fact checking or denying the crack pipe thing when it was going to be so easy to prove that pipes are indeed part of the kits?

Seems like such a blunder on their part. maybe they just count on people not caring by the time the evidence comes out?


Thought of this comic after an argument with a friend who seemed to insist that my objections were based on personhood (legal or social) which according to them years after birth. I kept repeating I was speaking about when there is a life inhabiting a separate body within the womb of another life's body.

Then I added other regressive rhetoric.

Should I be posting these as a single 4 image comic or do it in the series of 4 pics?

Same peeps who say student loans weren't transparent enough will object to Rand Paul asking for oversight over the $40B to Ukraine>

These are unserious people that need to be seriously avoided and thoroughly mocked.

Very few have reasons more than I want to be able to abort. Does one need more?

I support people having the ability to choose they want. Choosing to have a 'wombectomy' is a clear her body her choice situation. However when other lives are included, some ethical questions arise.

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Not the single digit situations of conception post assault or medical conditions that clearly threaten life with & within the womb, of which most people agree should be allowed, even after "proof of a life" Some still want the access to partners that comes from being able to offer & receive sex without the considerations of being responsible for the results. Others don't want to deal with the relatively simple means to control conception even if abstinence is too much...

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Cosplayer says about Amy Coney Barrett "It's also possible that the fact that she's an adoptive mother is influencing her inability to see what it's like to carry a pregnancy to term," Confronted with how baseless her excuse was & Barrett in fact carried and birthed 5 kids of her own, they let out something closer to the truth.

"Not everybody wants to have five kids or four kids or one kid."

It's about WANT to end potential life to maintain their standard of life.

Only a racist could say that thiing that first asians are schemers and also that africans cant rise to positions of power on their own merits!

It also denies the fact that WYPIPO™ control all the power and bad things in the world.

Reminder that WHO lists total Covid-19 deaths in China at 15,372

10k more than Kenya which has 5,649 & 340k more confirmed cases than USA has deaths at 990,260.

This is not considered disinformation. These are unserious people. Don't take what they say seriously but seriously pay attention to what they do.

Those "experts" are at it again!

“I'm encouraging clients with federal student loans to make the payments to themselves for the time being until we see how all this unfolds,”

Save money because daddy state may just end up letting you off therefore reducing the value of the savings of people who didn't take loans or paid them back. So may as well have your savings & say you were equally effected!

Wealth+Equality indeed.

Critical Race Theory is white on white social violence by people that have objectified “People Of Color” into weapons & ammunition.

"White" men created the foundation that WYPIPO™ adapted into dogma then recruited BLEQUES©, latinX & more to shore up ranks & be cannon fodder.

bUt WhAt AbOuT jAn 6Th! "it is a PEACEFUL but loud 1A protest, fully protected by the constitution."

The same sort of people who claim words on social media are violence will say things like people coming together and chanting in front of homes of SCOTUS members isn't a form of intimidating them to get a ruling they want.

A reminder that intelligent and wise people (not just whatever some think "educated" signifies) can be as impulsive, indoctrinated, ignorant, mis/dis-informed as any human on any topic.

Primary advantage of certain cultures is the freedom & encouragement we have to question them & think for ourselves.

Do you know that Gender Disinformation is a threat to national Security?

Nina Jankowicz explains how. How many really believe that the Ministry of Truth will only be focused on external "disinformation" & not actually focus on Americans? Because the things she mentioned are things Russian hackers are putting out.

"Common Sense Abortion Control is needed even if it saves one life!"

😅 the right to not bear the children you took actions to conceive isn't in the constitution but bearing arms is. So would you want to match the laws?

Now it can be used to try and keep seats in state and local levels that will be able to decide as is their constitutionally granted power.

@ThatCrazyDude used 50-50 to go with a hypothetically entirely sterilized group.

Condom is a 'medical' implement of sorts. Birth control pills are. Family planning to only have p-v sex outside the 13-15 ovulation range of menstrual cycle is 'medical' knowledge.

Definitions of healthy differ. Mentally healthy people can easily avoid sleeping with folk they find attractive.

This sex-strike is a clear example that people do in fact make sexual decisions based on access to medical procedures.

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