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PSA: NoAgendaTube can import videos from YouTube/Twitter, etc. It's handy to do a quick archive of something even if you're on a random device.

To do this, click the orange "Publish" button in the upper right and select "Import with URL." Supports anything youtube-dl supports.

(Please do not abuse this for copyrighted content such as music, I will remove it)

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I, on behalf of the unquestionably small amygdalae No Agenda community, currently own the rights to PeerTube is ready, registration is open, and you can publish videos as desired. Message me if, for some reason, you need your daily and/or total quota increased (looking at you @jennifer)

@adam, @Johncdvorak: Producers: Please reach out to me if you have peertube experience. We will make NoAgendaTube our own.

Maybe I'm behind the news here, but apparently the interim Parler CEO, Mark Meckler, is also the president of "Convention of States Action"

Want to follow videos from NATube on from Mastodon? Click the arrow next to the subscribe button, enter your mastodon user, and click "Remote subscribe."

This will take you to your federated account to follow, and allow you to see these videos on your home timeline.

Huh, just today I was thinking I didn't know of another listener in Wausau. And then one donates on the show.

I just added a download link for the episodes on the main site. Should have done that long ago.

This is why postmodernism exists. Science as a religion is dangerous. You cannot derive a system of morals/ethics from a system of enquiry.

It's *exactly* what David Hume was talking about with the is–ought problem.

Attached image from the comment section of this article:

Move devaluation of the term "racist." Worthwhile responses in the comment section though, and interesting references.

I can see where current philosophers are going with the stigma against adhering specifically to one style of philosophy.

However, I wonder if certain forces have taken these ideas and pushed them as controlled opposition to divide us. (Chinese money in education? What's legit and what isn't?)

"Western philosophy is racist"

I struggle with this regularly in the IT/engineering/software field.

"Why a market model is destroying the safeguards of the professions"

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose having worked on unemployment insurance websites, I can confirm they don't know what they are doing.

It's design by government bureaucracy/committee. Government thinks they know better (or get paid by lobbyists) and dictate the technical requirements and not just the business requirements.

The kids out of college is just cheap labor, but that's a symptom of the problem to get the contracts. Lowest cost technically acceptable.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose also AMD is the only option if you care about good open source on Linux -- they are still better for some coins too.

NVIDIA, open up your fucking drivers. (they wont because oh people could get around their bullshit lock-in)

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@darrenoneill @SirBemrose different thoughts here on the NVIDIA mining thing.

The "crypto optimized" cards do not allow video output, etc. What happened with previous generation cards used by crypto miners is they would move on to something else and the used market would get flooded with second hand cards for a great value for gamers.

This is no longer possible with the "crypto optimized" cards. They will just go straight into landfills instead of being reused. NVIDIA knows this.

Want to hear the latest Pops Live from Texas? Here you go.

Want to watch! Here you go. I must say it is better to watch it.

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