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Should NoAgendaTube follow other PeerTube instances?

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PSA: NoAgendaTube can import videos from YouTube/Twitter, etc. It's handy to do a quick archive of something even if you're on a random device.

To do this, click the orange "Publish" button in the upper right and select "Import with URL." Supports anything youtube-dl supports.

(Please do not abuse this for copyrighted content such as music, I will remove it)

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I, on behalf of the unquestionably small amygdalae No Agenda community, currently own the rights to PeerTube is ready, registration is open, and you can publish videos as desired. Message me if, for some reason, you need your daily and/or total quota increased (looking at you @jennifer)

@adam, @Johncdvorak: Producers: Please reach out to me if you have peertube experience. We will make NoAgendaTube our own.

Good Lord Almighty.... What has Trump done to us by not going full martial law on this asshole for stealing the election.

Fuck you, refs. We all saw those holding calls you ignored. Even the announcers said it.

Just ordered a desk/chair from Opted for the L-Shaped desk and the ErgoChair 2.

Pabst is underrated. It's my go-to if a bar in WI doesn't have Spotted Cow.

Modern feminism explained; 100 guys!!! ... called 'empowerment.'

America, may I interest you in sum dum fuk?

😂 🤣 😂

Tech tyranny hits podcasting as NOQ Report has been banned by Spotify

Works fine on all these apps!

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