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PSA: NoAgendaTube can import videos from YouTube/Twitter, etc. It's handy to do a quick archive of something even if you're on a random device.

To do this, click the orange "Publish" button in the upper right and select "Import with URL." Supports anything youtube-dl supports.

(Please do not abuse this for copyrighted content such as music, I will remove it)

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I, on behalf of the unquestionably small amygdalae No Agenda community, currently own the rights to PeerTube is ready, registration is open, and you can publish videos as desired. Message me if, for some reason, you need your daily and/or total quota increased (looking at you @jennifer)

@adam, @Johncdvorak: Producers: Please reach out to me if you have peertube experience. We will make NoAgendaTube our own.

Going to migrate my main account, I feel NAS has become too much of an echo chamber :/

And they live in Madison of course, such a fantastic liberal city LOL

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Family texting me about meeting up in the next couple of months, talking about how they are getting vaccinated etc.

Not sure if I want to reply at all, you know the question is going to come up.

Is there a way to pin a timeline of a remote instance to your home screen on Mastodon?

If not, perhaps another "fediverse" application?

ITM y'all! I was on another episode of Wheel of Topics. They asked me back!

Goodness knows why 😂 I think I am the laugh-track?

Also I am not sunburned, just have rosacea (I need that invermectin John keeps recommending!) and blush pretty much 80% of any given day.

This is a fun show y'all. . .you should check it out!

Hopefully on NATube soon too! @agates is "doing the work" re: PC 2.0 on that site! Good stuff.

cc: @PaulTheBookGuy

We will be performing maintenance tonight at 22:00 CDT.

This will include an update to PeerTube v3.1.0-rc.1

Thanks to @MrMaxPowers247 for the post about the protests this weekend. @unhappynewyork and I went to the one today in Union Square. I didn't hear about it anywhere else so thank you NAS!

Philosophize This! - Episode #152 ... The Frankfurt School - Walter Benjamin pt. 1

"With all these new forms of communication available, what happens when you can turn the tv or the radio and you can see or hear crowds of people gathered at a political event ... when for the first time in human history the masses can come face-to-face when themselves?" @ 23:33

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