Also, does the secret No Agenda Schipol Airport wifi still exist? DM me the info dudes!

Any NA Producers in Rotterdam? I'm visiting next week, what should I see/do?


Adam Charni, a Miami Beach High School senior, said Pais dressed in black and kept mostly to herself. He said he was "baffled" to learn she was the person authorities in Colorado were searching for.

Another classmate, 17-year-old junior Drew Burnstine, said Pais was a quiet, smart student who sat alone in class and "never caused problems or indicated that she wanted to harm anyone."

Doesn’t sound like they think it was crickets. @adam

“Diplomats sue Ottawa for $28M over health ailments during Cuba postings
Fourteen Canadian diplomats and members of their families who fell victim to mysterious health complaints while posted to Cuba are suing the Canadian government for $28 million in damages. “

@adam Leo Laporte is such a good live reader that I ALMOST bought a Scott E-Vest.

Great to see these headlines at the same time as I’m reading State of Fear. It is still alive and well 14 years later.

What would happen if a rumour started that bitcoin crypto had been broken.

Amazon continually advertises this Robinair (RG3) Portable Refrigerant Recovers Machine to me. This is exactly why AI is useless. Why would I want this?

I really cannot listen to other podcasts, the audio quality is so terrible. The only other podcast to do a decent job is Adam Carolla, but he has a whole professional studio and team.

I have purchased for 1 Euro on, but I cannot figure out how to forward it to Are there any experts out there who can help me?

Any Houston producers around?

Anyone interested in coming to a meetup September 25th? Any recommendations as to where we should hold it?

I think we should send @adam to Bhutan to be No Agenda's man on the ground.

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