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The love Adam Curry’s thinking re: China, Wuhan Flu, US economic relations, etc. Very interesting.

cc @adam

@adam: Why does this woman even think this way?
@Johncdvorak: She's always creeped me out. I think she's a reptile for sure!

@Johncdvorak: How much nude photos and crazy stuff does Bezos keep on his phone and why would anybody keep that stuff on the phone?
@adam: Are you confusing a rich person with some who's smart?

"If Brad [Pitt] & Jennifer [Aniston] get back together, then all of our problems will be solved. When they split up, that's when America started to divide into two dimensions. I think they are Ground Zero of the dimensional split in the United States." — @adam 1211

@WakWak @adam This jump from Extended Families to No Families is highly oversimplified and frankly BS.

For those who want to ping me when there are issues (outside of NAS), my Twitter is:

Going to go offline for about 15m in the next hour or so that I can perform a full backup and test the fixes. Don't worry friends, I'm at the wheel and have only had a little bourbon.

@Johncdvorak: This is not news
@adam: This is a PR release from Hill and Knowlton!

No Agenda Seattle Meet Up!

If you're in the Seattle area don't be a meet up douche bag!



I detest when new outfits bring in “policy experts” to talk on topics. Like the cybersecurity policy expert in the NPR story on the Iowa caucus app from last month. Listening to her soundbyte you can tell she doesn’t know a Diffie-Hellman from an elliptic curve. A policy expert knows policy, not the nuts and bolts. They’re the equivalent of “awareness campaigns” in the charitable organization scene.

This represents a move away from the traditional donation model—in which users pay to benefit the creator—to a value model, in which users are willing to pay more for something that benefits themselves.

Looking to set up an AMSTERDAM MEET-UP on 19th or 20th of March.

Slaves of please recommend a suitable hostelry or I'll put us in the bulldog Palace.

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